How to Create, Edit and Export Your Own SVG Image

Even if you know nothing about design you can use icons in your designs. The process is very simple and there is no need for any specific art skills. That’s why we will show you how to create an SVG icon.

SVG is a great choice for icons because it can be easily scaled down or expanded to any shape that can be made using a computer. Additionally, it works with almost any platform such as iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the flexibility of animated icons such as CSS animators, but the plus point is that you can edit or even change the colors.

What is an SVG Image

SVG is a standard for drawing and designing images, which was developed by the W3C in 2005. SVG images are basically vector images that you can store on the web without any limitation. You mixx can easily create and edit them and change their shape. Moreover, SVG files can easily load in browsers and on mobile devices.

How to Create an SVG Image

You will need to open up the Illustrator or any other SVG image creator tool and create an SVG image. Select the area you want to include and begin drawing. You can use one of the available brushes.

How to Edit your SVG image

Once you have your SVG image created you will need to open it in an editor and use the Pen tool to draw lines or shapes. You can add new colors and adjust the size to fit your needs.

You can save and use the SVG image anywhere you want. To export it you will need to click the Export button on the upper left part of the tool.

What tools Export SVG Images

Whether you are using a paid service or sharing the image with a web developer, you can simply use Google SketchUp.

SketchUp was built by Google to make it easier to create 3D and 2D architectural designs. It has a large range of powerful tools, and its free version can work for anybody.

Where to use SVG images?

SVG images can be used in virtually any type of design project. Here are a few popular projects that feature SVG icons.

Website icons

SVG can be used to draw and customize your shelfari own website icons. There is a number of options for people who want to create customized icons.


SVG images can also be used to create a font which is called Skribit. This service allows you to create and design your own fonts. It can be used on desktop and mobile devices. You can use Skribit to import fonts. It can be imported in a variety of formats like SVG, Bitmap and JPEG. It can also handle OpenType features.


Infographics are also a great way to create awareness. With the help of a simple interface, you can easily turn raw data into a beautiful infographic.

Digital products

SVG files can be used in digital products like eBooks, calendars, and much more. The benefits of using a digital product are many.

How to Animate an SVG Image

If you want to add movement to your SVG image, you will need to add it to an animation tool. You can either use the popular code editor or use another tool such as Illustrator or SVGator.

If you are using Illustrator you 9xmovies mom can open it up and choose to open the Add New Function window. Next, right-click on the selection of the animated element and click the Add Asset Option.


You can now create an SVG image in no time and easily share it on the web with anybody that you want. This method is very easy and it will save you a lot of time to publish your icon on any social media sites.

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