How to choose your fridge?

Are you looking for a new refrigerator… With or without a freezer? In either case, you will be spoiled for choice and the most important thing will be to choose a model that suits your needs. How to choose the right fridge? We help you make your choice!

Which fridge model to choose?

Combined fridge (2 doors)

Most households have a two-door fridge, where the fridge and freezer are arranged one above the other in two separate compartments. 

With a combi-top , the freezer section is above.

With a combi-bottom , it is below. This last model being the most widespread in Belgium, we focus our tests  especially on this type of device. The combi-bottom generally has a larger ตู้แช่ freezer compartment than the combi-top, although you will lose a little space in comparison due to the presence of the drawers.

Built-in or integrated fridge (1 or 2 doors) 

If you want your fridge to fit perfectly into your kitchen , you will need to opt for a built-in or built- in model . Unlike freestanding models, built-in fridges must be placed in a niche and have a specific ventilation system. 

Built-in models are a sub-category of built-in fridges : in addition to being integrated into furniture, they blend in with the decor by covering a front that matches the rest of the kitchen. This type of fridge is suitable for people concerned about the aesthetics of their kitchen, because it allows to keep a certain harmony in the decoration while optimizing the space. 

Most often, the choice will then fall on a model with a 122 cm high door, even if other models can also be recessed such as the 178 cm combi-bottom or smaller 82 cm models (under the work plan, for example). The disadvantage emerging from the latest selection of 178 cm models is that the energy performance needs to be improved. To find out more about built-in models , see our file dedicated to this subject . 

Table refrigerator (1 door) 

There are also so-called table models, with a maximum height of 90 cm . They have a door at the height of a worktop and can have a freezer. These are often used as a second fridge or placed in a dorm room. 

American fridge (2 or 3 doors) 

If your family is made up of 4 or 5 people and if you have a sufficiently large kitchen, you can opt for a so-called American model , in which the fridge and freezer are arranged side by side , each with a separate door (“side-by-side”). ). 

  • The real side-by-side American fridge is generally 178 cm high for a total width of 90 cm, with a narrower freezer section on the left. The disadvantage is that you sometimes also lose space because of the ice maker or the water dispenser. 
  • The European variant is made up of two distinct parts of an identical width of 60 cm, arranged side by side to form a symmetrical whole. 
  • The “French door” type mixes the combi-bottom principle and the American side-by-side fridge. The upper part houses a ตู้แช่เย็น refrigerator compartment about 90 cm wide with two centrally opening doors, while the lower part houses the freezer compartment with one or two drawers (or a front panel behind which there are then two drawers).

The characteristics to take into account

  • Dimensions and capacity
  • Height and width of fridges

If you are looking for a small fridge for a dorm room or to complete a kitchenette, it is better to select a “table” fridge . Since we are aiming for the optimization of space, it is all the more important to pay attention to the measurements before the purchase! These small refrigerators have dimensions between 50 and 55 cm wide and between 80 and 90 cm high.

Capacity  of refrigerators _

The capacity of a fridge or freezer is expressed in litres. Do not buy an appliance that is too large, which will use up a lot of energy unnecessarily, but not too small either, because air must be able to circulate between the foods to guarantee good cooling. 

For a household of 2 or 3 people , a combined type fridge will certainly be sufficient. On the other hand, if your household has 6 or more people , you may need a larger capacity fridge . In this case, it will probably be wise to buy a refrigerator without a freezer, even if it means having a larger chest or cabinet type freezer on the side. 

Before going through the door of a store, always be sure to take the exact measurements of the space available for the fridge, in particular the measurements of the niche in which you plan to put a built-in fridge. Allow for additional space around the unit to allow air to circulate. This will ensure that it works properly. Also read the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully!

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