How to choose the best custom medal maker?

If you run a sports committee or related events, you will need a custom medal. As an organizer, you need them to award your winners at your event. There are so many events and organizers out there that it must be unique to you. Therefore, you need to find a custom medal maker that will design exactly what you need. And there are so many on the market that it will be a little difficult for you. However, not all of them provide services that satisfy you. As a result, if you do not take appropriate consideration when choosing a supplier. Then you may regret it when it comes to the final product.

Therefore, this article will help you find the right custom medal manufacturers for you. Therefore, your event and your winner will be more brilliant with the custom medals you designed. First, let’s talk about some factors to consider before choosing a supplier. Because it helps you throw away all the bad fruits you will find in the market that will provide you with low-quality products.

What do I need to check before choosing a custom medal maker?

The factors described below will greatly help you in choosing the right supplier. By doing so, you will also be able to purchase the best custom medals.

Custom logo engraving

You should first look in the catalog to see how the logo is engraved on the medal. That way you can see what they are doing. Looking at previous products, we can conclude how good the custom logo engraving is. Some logos may contain detailed engravings, which makes them much more difficult to do even with a machine. So, by checking how they do their custom logo engraving, you can understand how good they are in their products. Therefore, find a custom medal maker that will display your work in more detail than any other logo.

Custom text engraving

As with the logo, you should also look at the text that comes with the medal. This is because it can be much more difficult to engrave text than a metal logo. This is because you may need to engrave in different fonts, sizes, or languages ​​to suit your customers’ wishes. Therefore, if the custom medal maker of your choice is someone who can do the detailed work with both text and logo engraving, you will not regret buying medals from them for the event. Therefore, the next time you buy a custom medal from a supplier, make sure you know how the custom text engraving will be done before you buy.

Custom neck ribbon

When it comes to medals, the neck ribbon is a valuable part. Connect it to an attractive neck ribbon for even more glitz. And they need to match your medal and the color you want at your event. Therefore, the custom medal maker of choice needs to customize the neck ribbon extensively to meet what they want. It’s also useful to find a supplier who can offer medals with custom neck ribbons. This is because some custom medal makers only offer medals without ribbons. Therefore, to buy a custom neck ribbon for medals, you need to go to another supplier. As a result, it takes much longer than buying from one location.


The material of the Custom Medal is also an important factor to consider. Above all, they give the medal its finished and attractive appearance. Therefore, if the material of the medals provided at the event is of poor quality, many problems will occur as an organizer. Therefore, you need to carefully choose a custom medal manufacturer that can provide medals containing the highest quality materials. You must consider large events and competitions. Because the medals they provide contain precious materials such as gold and silver.

Order quantity

A major sporting event usually has several small events or games to determine the winner. Therefore, there should be many medals around when it comes to award winners. Therefore, you should increase the number of medals ordered at one time before the event starts from the selected custom medal maker. Therefore, you need to find a supplier that can meet your order quantity at once because if you can’t find one, you may need to look for multiple suppliers instead of one. Also, if they are delivered in batches, it will take some time for the order to arrive completely.

If you consider the above factors before finding a custom medal maker, finding the right supplier of medals is fine. However, for the sake of simplicity, find a supplier that meets all the criteria described above.

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