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Guidelines for Selecting a Real Estate Professional

With 182,038 residents, 37.82% of people in the Inner West lease their houses. The typical listing price for residences is $1,827,000, up 10.72% from the year before and 21.80% from the two years prior. The typical rental value is 2.26%, and the median weekly rent for a home is $795. Many homebuyers and sellers use personal recommendations when choosing an agency for real estate in Inner West. It isn’t incorrect, and it’s not a terrible place to begin your search, but you should still do some independent research to ensure you get the best real estate agent for your situation. If you’re in the market to purchase or sell a house, the following advice should help you locate the best real estate agent for your needs:

Discuss your needs with many brokers or agents.

You may learn a lot about a realtor’s skills, work ethic, and focus areas by sitting down with a few candidates for the job and asking them questions in an interview setting. You want to collaborate with someone reliable and punctual, has a track record of success in your market, can answer all of your inquiries, and can handle your problems without muddled explanations. Inquire about previous clients or customers. Your real estate agent should have no problem providing references; by speaking with them, you may learn critical information like how long ago they were customers, what kind of house they bought/sold, and how the transaction went.

Ideally, your real estate agent would have extensive knowledge of the area.

You should feel comfortable asking your real estate agent questions about the area. Generally speaking, how diverse are the various local communities? Are there any excellent schools or parks in the area? What are the asking and selling prices for properties in your area? Ensure your agent is well-versed in the areas where you want to live. Use their responses as a jumping-off point for further investigation, and then compare and contrast your findings. An expert who can advise you on the optimal purchase or sale price in your particular market may make the finest selections.

See to it that the real estate agent you choose is flexible.

Is your broker a full- or part-time employee? Not all agents put in the same amount of time, but knowing how often they work will give you a sense of how invested they are in the market and how much experience they have. A full-time agent will be more available to work with you and more flexible in scheduling. Find another agency if they can’t provide you with the time and freedom you need.

Choose a representative who answers the phone.

Your agent must respond to emails and other forms of communication, including phone calls and text messages. Regardless of your inclination, promptness is essential in the real estate market. You expect consistent contact and prompt delivery of relevant information from your representative. Also crucial are your agent’s interpersonal skills since they need to coordinate with a wide range of experts during the transaction, from lawyers to house inspectors to mortgage brokers.

Choose a real estate agent who is comfortable with new technologies.

Good agents will take advantage of the many ways technology may help them be more efficient and successful on your behalf. Look at the MLS properties that your broker is now offering. How engaging do you find the demonstration to be? Since the majority of shoppers now begin their journey online, this is crucial.


You’ll spend a lot of time with your agent for real estate in Inner West, so you must click. A competent broker would also strive to develop a lasting relationship with you. Is your agent attentive, and do they grasp your priorities and financial constraints? It’s essential to work with a broker with the necessary knowledge and expertise, but it’s even more critical to work with a broker who understands and meets your requirements.

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