Graph Theory Dissertation – How to Choose the Right Research Methods

Facing problems during graph theory dissertation writing? Well, it is because most students are not that fluent in understanding the concepts of the field. To assist the students in finishing their custom dissertations faster, we have collected some tips and tricks to follow.

When following these guidelines, make sure that you have already studied the instructions of your department in this regard. In this article, we have described the best research methods for you to follow and the ways to choose the best method for your custom work.

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Choosing the Right Research Methods for Graph Theory Dissertation Writing

Based on the nature of the neural networks you use in your graph theory dissertation topics and ideas, you will first have to decide the type of research you are conducting for your work. There are three wide categories of research for your custom dissertation, listed below:

1. Quantitative Research

This type of research mostly utilises statistical and numeric data and has multiple variables for you to deal with. Such research is focused on verifying the existing theories about the set of edges, number of edges, complete connected graphs, and theories existing on different vertices or nodes.

2. Qualitative Research

This kind of research processes the data that you cannot quantify numerically. In other words, the major focus of such research lies on the beliefs, concepts, ideas, words, and descriptions. You will not be dealing with numerical data while writing a graph theory dissertation of a qualitative nature. You will have to deal with theories such as Ramsey’s theory and graphs such as a planar graph when doing this kind of research.

3. Mixed methods-based Research

This kind of research attempts to bring both qualitative and quantitative research methods to get to the desired decisions. Here, you will be using qualitative research to explore a given case study and develop your understanding of the subject. You will also have to work on making a conceptual framework for your work. Then, you will employ quantitative methods to test the methods empirically.

What’s the Best Method for My Graph Theory Dissertation?

There are several factors that you should consider when collecting the data for your dissertation. Mostly, the method you use will depend on the nature and structure of your work. The best methods for researching and writing simple graph theory dissertations are listed below:

1. Nature of Your Research

Regardless of its type, each research has a different purpose to serve, and it follows an approach that helps in solving the main research questions. So, the key factors for deciding which research methodology to adopt also depend on the nature of your research objectives, aims, and, of course, the research questions.

2. Norms of the Research Area

The next thing to do will be to select the research methodology appropriately and scrutinise the day in the best way you can. Here, you will have to consider the approaches that are used by other researchers on similar subjects. Review some of the graph theory dissertation samples and understand the nature of the objectives discussed in them.

It shall also help you choose the best methodological approach or set of approaches to use in your work. Generally, you should not follow the herd and do what others are doing in their dissertations, but you can at least consider their research methods and analyse the merit of their research.

3. Practicality of the Methodology

While most of the methodical approaches produce the most scientific research designs, you cannot overlook the limiting factors of the research. So, when choosing the best research methods for your graph theory dissertations, you should keep in mind the practicality of your research methods.

Evaluate the chosen method fully and analyse its practicality. You should check the experimental conditions of your research design. Also, see if the rules of discrete mathematics can be applied to the situation and if undirected graphs can be connected to each other or not.

4. Defining the Goals

Defining the goals of your research, if you do so, will help you stay on the right track when crafting your online dissertation on graph theory methods. Before you start worrying about the inferences of your research work, it is important to make a path towards conclusive results. To do so, you will have to know what are the goals of your research and what you are planning to achieve from your work.

So, clear the research goals from the start and stick to finding answers to your research questions from the start. When you stick to the variables when dealing with different sets of vertices and types of graphs, you will slowly reach your final result in a systemised manner.

5. Using Research Methodology Effectively

As you go on the process of researching your dissertation topic, know that all the parameters of your chosen methodology may not fully be meant for your study. Therefore, you should determine the best tracks that you must apply while working on your custom and personalised dissertation work. Assess the feasibility of your work and determine the scope of the work. Then, add a pertinent literature review in it to make it more effective.

6. Graph Theory Dissertation Structure

The structure and the word count of your dissertation also determine the research of your methodology. So, before finalising your preferred methodology, you should keep in mind the definite structure of your work. All good graph theory dissertation writers focus on outlining the main contents of their dissertation and assessing the methodology beforehand to structure their work well.

7. Key Takeaway

The key takeaway of the above-discussed points is that while it may appear like the goal of your research is the primary reason to select your research methodology, you must also consider the factors that influence successful research completion. Correctly execute your research methodology, and you will see that achieving your desired goals becomes a piece of cake for you.

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We have listed the best research methods for you to follow when writing your graph theory dissertations. Make sure that you have extracted the correct references from credible sources and that they are connected by an edge to each other.

If you have been given some thesis university guidelines by your department, make sure that you have followed them all when writing your papers. In this way, you will save yourself from the deduction of some additional marks.

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