Golden Temple and other places to visit in Amritsar

Amritsar is a divine place located in the northern state named Punjab in India where tourism is at its peak during all seasons of the year. Yes, thousands of people come here on daily basis and visit many places including Golden Temple, Jalianwala Bagh, and Wagah Border. Almost every place here in Amritsar is a complete destination for the perfect outing for holidays. You can enjoy your visit here in Amritsar while visiting the places that have historical and monumental values.  Following are the best places that you should visit whenever you are here in Amritsar:

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Golden Temple: This is undoubtedly the main attraction point here in Amritsar as it is a pilgrim for all people. Although the place is dedicated to the Sikh religion anyone can visit this place as the home of God is open for everyone. Every year millions of people from India and outside visit this place and enjoy the company of God. Yes, you could feel like you are near to God when you sit near the holy lake built inside Golden Temple. People bathe in the water of this holy lake and then they start their journey of this beautifully built place. You must plan your visit before leaving for Amritsar because there is always a rush in the hotels throughout the year. If you are looking for Hotels in Amritsar then you have landed on the right page as our One Earth GG Regncy Hotel is the best choice for people. We are nearby most of the tourist spots in Amritsar hence you can reach everywhere easily and quickly.

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Wagah Border: In order to enjoy the border closing ceremony at the borders of India and Pakistan you must visit the Wagah border. It is about 30 kilometers away from the min city and you can easily there by bus or your own vehicle. The ceremony is very beautiful where flags are lowered of both countries while closing the gates of the border. The ceremony is about 45 minutes long but we assure you that you will take the memories of hours to tell others. Again this place is not so far away from the main city but you should book a hotel room from where you can easily get transportation. One Earth Avaas Hotel will allow you to avail of quick and easy transportation services near our hotel for traveling here and there in Amritsar. You don’t need to look for other Hotels in Amritsar because we guarantee you the best quality of services at the most reasonable prices.

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Partition Museum: It is a place dedicated to India’s partition that took place in way back 1947 when India got freedom from Britain. You can learn a lot about the partition of India by visiting Partition Museum as you will find a lot of things to learn that. You will see the collection of newspapers, photographs, and stories related to India’s partition. It will definitely shake you when you will read about the pain and problems people went through during the partition. The violent stories will make you feel the pain of those who had suffered from the actual situation at that time. You can visit the partition museum on any day of the week hence you should book a hotel room here in Amritsar. If you book a hotel room in one of the Luxury Hotels in Amritsar then you will be able to visit this place more than once. Yes, One Earth GG Regency is at a distance from this place where you can visit it at any time and on any day of the week.

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Mandir Mata Lal Devi: It is a place dedicated to female saint Lal Devi and it is said that the women who visit this place would never face infertility problems. The Mandir is so beautifully built that you can enjoy the scenic beauty of this place and embrace the beauty. It is in the Mohindra Colony where you can easily reach through your own vehicle or you can use public transportation. Go ahead and use one of the Best Hotels in Amritsar to book a hotel room and enjoy your stay in Amritsar. If you are one of those people who want to enjoy visiting holy places then you should once visit this Mandir Lal Devi.

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Jalianwala Bagh: This is one of the most visited places because people are curious about Indian history and it is one of the monuments that are dedicated to Indian history. You can know about the history of this place by visiting it on any day of the week and increasing your knowledge about it. There is a part built inside the arena where you can enjoy sitting and paying your homage to the martyrdoms of Jalianwala Bagh in 1919. It is one of the places that are the best suited to visit with families and friends and you can immediately visit this place after Golden Temple. It is the closest place to Golden Temple as it is just walking distance away from the holy attraction point of Amritsar.

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There are many more other places here in Amritsar like Baba Atal Tower, Ram Bagh Garden, Khalsa College, Gobindgarh Fort, and Shri Durgiana Mandir. You can visit all these places but it is hard to visit all places at once hence you will need more than a day to visit all places. In order to do so, you will need to stay here in Amritsar and you would love to know about some Budget Hotels in Amritsar that could offer you the best services. Well, One Earth GG Regency Hotel is one of the top-rated budget hotels in Amritsar where you can book a hotel room very easily. If you ever visit here in Amritsar and you want to visit all the above-mentioned places then book a room with us. We offer the most reasonable prices for our hotel rooms and there is never a hidden cost in our services that we ask from our customers.

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