Factors to Consider When Acquiring Stone Coated Roofing Tiles in Kenya

The stone coated roofing tiles are construction materials used to cover the roof during the building process. They protect the structure- house from adverse weather conditions, especially rain.

The tiles are commonlyarranged in systematic parallel rows, with every row overlying the other row underneath it. The arrangement helps in covering of the nails holding the lower row as well as excluding rain water.

This article focuses on the deliberations that are basic before deciding to purchase the stone coated tiles for easy installation and durability. It also points out some of the pros of acquiring such tiles.

Their selections are usually made on account of their aesthetics, durability, heat resistance properties, relatively lightweight and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions of a given place.

Below are the key considerations as explained;

  1. Aesthetics

While functionality is essential, beauty and versatility are important too. Stone coated roofing tiles come in a wide variety of colours, texture and design to complement almost any style of home. This allows you to feel good both about your roof’s safety and its appearance.

  1. Durability

A stone coated tile should be able to withstand winds, heavy rains, hail and other bad weather conditions. The material is actually lightweight as compared to others. It is a great investment in the long term future of your home when installed properly. Stone coated roofing tiles prices in Kenya vary but this has to be the key factor upon choosing on which to buy.

  1. Low maintenance cost

Most roofing tools are supposed to be inspected regularly, to maintain their good operational condition. However, the stone coated roofs are almost maintenance free! The roofing create an impenetrable shield for your house, that keeps it safe from bad weather conditions and eliminatealmost all the repair expenses related to traditional roofing.

  1. Noise dampening

The stone coated roofing tiles are quietly peaceful during heavy rains, That is triggered by their sophisticated texture as well as the sound-absorbing hassock of roofing granules. It also has numerouscoatings of covering which, in addition to being significant against corrosion, it resists and increases the tensile strong suit.It alsoperforms as an additional barrier for noise. This translates to a significant reduction of the noise impact on the roof.

The structure of the roof also plays an important role in the noise reduction. It is also good to note that for thorough soundproof effect, you need to include supplementary attic insulation as the extra sound block and heat insulator.

  1. Energy efficiency

There is a familiar is understanding with installation of stone covered roofing tiles is that it gets extremely hot. This is false, these materials reflect away the sun’s, and not absorbing the heat,like otherroofing tiles. In fact, this servesas the house coolant, cutting the expense of keeping your house cool. It also protectsthe house against ultraviolet rays.


All factors placed into consideration, the advantages, durability and beauty brought about by stone coated roofs may mean that you will never need to purchase another roof for your house. For more about roofing tiles, check colourful roofing limited.

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