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Everything to know about color psychology before painting your walls

The colors in your house have a direct impact on your lifestyle. Therefore, it is vital to select the right colors according to the mood you want to create in your room. Each color symbolizes an emotion. A small decision of selecting a color for your room not only impacts the look of the room but also affects your moods and energy levels. It is for that reason that you need to consider color psychology before getting your walls painted. The most important decision is to select a color that enhances the theme of your home and suits you and your family. For a better understanding let us know how different colors play with the ambiance of your home. 

  1. Shades of purple- Being one of the trendiest colors, many designers are now including shades of purple to enhance the beauty of different spaces. Purple creates a luxurious aura in the home as the color signifies wealth and royalty. Psychologically, the purple color is best known to stimulate imagination and creativity. Using shades of purple along with a contrasting color you can create a two-color combination for bedroom walls to create a dramatic ambiance. If you want to keep color psychology intact along with creating trendy walls then purple should be your go-to color. 
  2. Blue- According to color psychology, blue has a calming and cool impact. Applying shades of blue creates a serene vibe. Blue is often taken as a conservative color as it has been the favorite color of many people for ages. Using shades of blue has many health benefits as it lowers pulse rate and body temperature giving an overall relaxing experience. Personal experience also plays a role in choosing colors as many people opt for blue just because it is their favorite color.  suprnova.xyz 
  3. Gray- If you desire to create a clean, minimalist look then gray is the best color for you. The good part is gray works well with most of the colors. If you are a goal-oriented person and like to keep the vibe disciplined then you should choose shades of gray for your wall painting color. Gray signifies neutrality and balance; hence it makes the ambiance dignified and futuristic. 
  4. Pink- One of the best colors for the bedroom, pink is a delicate color and adds sophistication to any space. However, deciding on the shade of pink can be confusing as you can go from soft pink to dark pink quite soon. Depending on various factors like availability of natural light in the room, personal choices, and theme you should opt for a particular shade. In general, pink creates a joyful, vibrant, and euphoric vibe that can make your room look aesthetically pleasing. 
  5. Green- Signifying growth and healing you can use shades of green to make your home look natural. Amongst all the colors, green is known to have the most restful and relaxing impact on humans. Using shades of green will make the space full of harmony and peace along with promoting hope and growth. Shades of green work well with red, yellow, white, and many more colors. 
  6. Orange- This color best suits your children’s room as it is a wholesome and fruitful color that triggers excitement. Having an autumnal vibe, orange is a spiritual color and can be used at places where you want to create a happy and energetic aura. This color also draws a lot of attention and therefore it is often used for creating an eye-catching accent wall. craftymagazines

Though color psychology impacts our decision of choosing colors for our home, numerous other factors like personal experiences, tastes, cultural influence, past experience, etc. must also be considered. People react differently to the same color, knowing this fact you must choose those colors for your home which make you feel good and secure for the long run. 

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