Do betting and betting at bookmakers generate income?

According to all professional bettors, it is wrong to treat sports betting as a way to make money. This can be compared with the desire to turn casino trips into a source of stable income. The betting industry is built in such a way that people just enjoy the process. Both the constant high risk of losing and the bookmaker’s margin do not allow turning the activity into profitable.

Who makes a profit on sports betting

If someone guarantees that you can consistently and decently earn money on sports betting, this person is either a privateer and sells his services or a partner of a bookmaker’s office. Even well-known public bettors who have been in this business for many years cannot turn bets into a source of regular income. For example, sports commentator, former footballer, and journalist Konstantin Genich, who is considered one of the best, showed + 13% profitability over the year. This cannot be called a successful business, because even if he bet 1 million rubles during all this time, the profit was only 130 thousand.

The only ones who make a constant profit on bets are bookmakers. They work in such a way that they take a commission from every bet made by the player. The margin greatly reduces the profitability of bettors’ activities, so many try to look for a bookmaker with the lowest commission. To determine what margin a bookmaker has, you can do the following: compare the odds of one event on different sites. The higher the quotes, the lower the commission. The minimum margin is 1.5% and the maximum is 5%.

What sports betting strategies will help you earn

To reduce the risk of losing the entire bankroll and get at least some profit, bettors often use various strategies. They are in the optimal mathematical algorithm. Such systems are popular:

  • fork;
  • Oscar Grind’s method;
  • Martingale strategy;
  • flat;
  • on the favorite.

The most win-win strategy is the sure bet betting. However, it is also prohibited. If it is possible to find out that the bettor is using this system to make a profit, his account is blocked. To place “sure bets”, you need to have pages in different bookmakers. The essence of the strategy is that you need to place 2 bets on an event with two outcomes. To do this, you need to correctly calculate the coefficient. As for discipline, it can be football, tennis, e-sports. And if there is a desire to learn how to bet on unusual sports, you can install the best online cricket betting apps, there are also often only 2 outcomes.

For example, in a match for a player P1 to win, they give odds of 2.15, and for a win in P2 – 1.91. You need to use this formula: 1 / 2.15 + 1 / 1.91 = 0.465 + 0.524 = 0.989.

If the bankroll for 2 bets is $ 100, it must be divided by the odds. That makes $ 101.11. The net income is $ 1.11. To determine which outcome to bet what amount, in this case, you need to divide 101.11 by each coefficient. For example, 101.11 / 2.15 = $ 46.9. Such a bet must be placed on the victory of player W1.

The Oscar Grind Method is a more risky strategy. It is used both in sports betting and in casinos. In principle, it is similar to the classical Dogon and the Danish system. The bottom line is that the initial bet amount does not change if you lose, but doubles if you win.

The Martingale strategy is even riskier because the bet amount doubles with each loss. If the bettor has a lose trick, he will lose his entire bankroll in just a few steps.

The least dangerous strategy in sports betting is the flat strategy. There are several types of systems: academic, static, aggressive, and chaotic. For example, a gaming budget is $ 1000. The amount of each bet with an academic flat will be 1-2% of the bankroll, that is, $ 10-20. If the flat is static, you need to bet strictly 1% of the deposit without changes. With an aggressive or chaotic strategy, the amount can grow up to 15% if the bettor has confidence in winning.

Beginners often use a strategy like betting on a favorite. Determining a leader is easy – just look at the odds. Whoever has less is the favorite. A bet on the leader does not guarantee a profit, because there is always the probability of the victory of the underdog team. Therefore, you need to learn and define a real leader yourself. For this, bettors conduct pre-match analyzes, closely monitor the physical condition of all players, study statistics, and determine motivation.

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