Cryptocurrency or state currency: which to choose for investment?

The modern financial world allows anyone to make money through successful investments. There are plenty of options for this: from currency trading and buying gold bullion, to investing in stocks and trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. Before you become an investor, you need to study both sides of the coin and learn all the information about equating cryptocurrency to the dollar, for example, helium to USD, to understand exactly what material you want to use in the future. 


In contrast to classical methods of investing, cryptocurrency exchanges have been actively developing in the last 5 years. Many people are distrustful of this sphere, but, for example, bitcoin is compared to gold due to its limited volume.

Therefore, users are advised to pay attention to crypto exchanges, where they can invest profitably, and properly diversify their investments. Letsexchange platform offers all operations related to the cryptocurrency market and will help you to make the right investments. 

There are several ways to make money in cryptocurrency exchanges. The main features of this method are long-term and passive. You need to develop a long-term strategy and not react to sharp and short-term fluctuations in the market, which, for example, occur due to the statements of some billionaire or the founder of a major technology company. For example, 0.22 eth to USD is now worth $380, while just two days ago the same cryptocurrency was worth $390.

A faster way to make money is trading. With these investments, it is possible to profit from the rise in the value of cryptocurrency. By trading on specialized platforms, you can earn from both selling and buying digital currency.

It is not necessary to start with large sums here, experts believe that $100 is enough to start with.


  • Long-term and short-term earnings; 
  • Starting with a small amount;
  • Many products: steaking, dual currency investments; 
  • Flexible savings system; 
  • Quick transactions without hassle. 


  • Must have knowledge; 
  • High volatility. 


One of the classic methods of making money is to invest in foreign currencies such as dollars or euros. The main argument for this is their stable and high exchange rate against the Kyrgyz som.

Interest in the foreign exchange market is caused by great confidence in foreign currencies and the opportunity to make money on the exchange rate. It is necessary to keep abreast of events in the currency market and in the world of the economy in general. An investor will have to work closely with commercial banks or exchange bureaus. Moreover, at sharp currency fluctuations, there is usually a shortage of currencies, which creates a problem when converting currencies.

Let us remind you that there is nothing to do in currency trading with small amounts of money, for example, $100. To make effective transactions you will need a lot of money. But fluctuations in the currency market are the riskiest investments, which cannot be said about investments in gold.


  • Fast earnings; 
  • Fast currency transactions. 


  • Difficulty exchanging when in short supply;
  • You need a large amount. 

Competent investing will help to increase financial investments and not to lose all your funds at once. When choosing assets, you should not choose only one, but stop at once on several. If you lose one, you can make up for it with others. 



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