Check Out The Top 5 Adventurous Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

The destination where adventure beckons, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab emirates. Abu Dhabi is one of the best places to visit in the United Arab Emirates, from the captivating entice of the craggy heights of the Al Hajar mountains as well as the Empty Quarter to the ragging city lights of the urban exploit. A destination that offers the perfect blend of sun and sand with an alluring city break, Abu Dhabi has embarked on its journey to becoming a major tourist attraction.

Abu Dhabi, in simple words, can be defined as a collection of magnificent architecture that seems to defy gravity, alluring beaches with picturesque sunsets, cultural monuments that connect the city to its roots, an ultimate destination for outdoor sports, and adventurous activities, and much more. For all the travelers that plan to visit the Middle East and Abu Dhabi, we have a strong suggestion for you: do not plan on returning until and unless you have witnessed these top five adventurous things to do and places to visit in Abu Dhabi. Your trip would be incomplete if you did. Without much ado, let us dig into the brief explanation of each destination:-

Yas Waterworld

With an ultimate blow of heat grinding on your head, the first and best thing that could be done is a visit to the magnificent Yas Waterworld. Located on Yas Island in the Yas leisure drive, this mammoth theme park is designed to give you the chills. This theme park, which spans 37 acres, is home to over forty rides, including an inner tube multi-ride as well as multiple watersides. Feel the strong gush of adrenaline as you ride on the world’s first and foremost technological invention, the hydromagnetic tornado water raft. A waterslide raging to the speed of a free-fall, the jebel drop, and the world’s largest sheet wave will give you an out-of-this-world experience, so this is a place you cannot skip. Furthermore, Yas Waterworld tickets only cost about AED 250.

Ferrari World

Enjoy the thrill of Formula One racing in one of the city’s top attractions for all our thrill-seekers. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is your one-stop destination for all the fun and thrills. For children, special junior GT tracks have been constructed for them to test out their newly learned driving skills. Leaving the children behind, we are left with our speed and thrill-seekers, for whom the tallest roller coaster ride in the world, Flying Aces, has been designed, reaching speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour on a 52-meter loop. Specially designed for our car nerds is a collection of various Ferrari cars that date back to 1947 and have been stored and displayed.

Desert dunes

Of course, you would not want to miss the aspect of this destination that makes it whole: the deserts of Abu Dhabi, a true paradise. The most exciting thing to do in Abu Dhabi is a day trip or an overnight trip from the city lights of urban Abu Dhabi to either of these two beautiful deserts: Liwa Oasis, located on the edge of the Empty Quarter, or the Al Khatim desert, located near Al Ain. The Empty Quarter desert is home to some of the largest dunes that can be found across the globe, a sight that can’t be left unseen. The dunes, be it in any area, are the perfect playground. People can try sandboarding, dune buggies, and camel trekking in the vast expanse of the majestic deserts of Abu Dhabi.

Observation Deck Abu Dhabi

After the majestic Burj Khalifa, the observation deck is your next go-to destination for a strong gush of adrenaline. At a staggering height of 300 meters above sea level, on the 74th floor of the Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers, also the highest point in Abu Dhabi, you can catch a glimpse of the scenic skyline of the city. Enjoy snacks prepared by some of the renowned chefs from around the world at the observation deck’s restaurant. You can gaze at the alluring skyline of this majestic city while enjoying your tea from the highest point of the city. It’s an adventure, isn’t it?

Empty Quarter

Extending to the vast expanse of 250,000 square miles, the undulating dunes of the Rub ‘al Khali, better known as the Empty Quarter, is a view you should not miss. The place is full of mysterious sights and offers the ticket to limitless adventure and fun to its visitors. Feel the wind in your hair in the peace and tranquility of this desert, and experience the wilderness in the largest uninterrupted sand desert in the whole wide world with the assistance of a local guide and avail yourself of the forbidden secrets and stories of the dunes that date back to an era before dinosaurs.

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