Busting the wrongful termination myths – Employees should stop believing in them

Any employee has the right to file a wrongful termination claim at a court of law when there is a violation of state/federal anti-discrimination laws or breach of an employment contract. Employees can also file wrongful termination claims when they think they have been fired due to sexual harassment or in response to a complaint that has been filed against the state or HR department authorities. 

Before you get desperate about seeking the help of a Connecticut wrongful termination attorney, you should know the myths that surround the whole realm of wrongful termination. As an employee, you need to stop believing in the myths and start believing in the facts. Here are a few to keep in mind. 

Myth #1: Any unreasonable termination is ‘wrongful termination’

Fact: Unless you and your employer have signed an employment contract, you can be terminated for any reason, whatever it may be. In case the contract demands the reason behind the termination and the employee isn’t given the reason, he may file a wrongful termination claim. However, that doesn’t mean that any termination that seems unreasonable to you might qualify for being called a ‘wrongful termination’. 

Myth #2: Discrimination laws are only applicable to women and minorities

Fact: Every individual with a unique race, gender, natural origin, religion, citizenship status, medical history, or marital status enjoys the right to be safeguarded under the workplace discrimination laws. This means anybody! Any person can be discriminated against in any organization irrespective of the fact whether she is a woman or belongs to the minority. 

Myth #3: You can’t sue your employer if you quit the job

Fact: There is yet another misconception that in case an employee quits the job, he can no longer file a wrongful termination lawsuit. There are times when staff members find it impossible to continue working in a dangerous and hostile working environment and choose to quit. This is their only choice left. But even after quitting the job, you can still sue the employer. 

Myth #4: Employers settle the matter quickly as they’re concerned about their reputation

Fact: When the wrongful termination claim is not based on accurate facts or is not backed by proper and strong evidence, don’t expect that your employer will settle the matter easily. For the wrongful termination attorneys hired by big-shot companies, publicity is never a huge concern. Such incidents find no place in newspapers unless you are a celebrity or a public figure. 


Myth #5: All employees who have crossed a specific age are protected by employment law


Fact: Age discrimination is highly common these days. But if you assume that you’re above 40 years of age and you’ll be automatically protected by the ADEA or Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, you’re wrong. This act only safeguards the rights of a few employees and job applicants who fall under a specific set of terms and conditions. 

So, while working in a company, make sure you know your rights as an employee. Never try to solve things without the help of a wrongful termination lawyer. 

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