Branded Swag That’s Totally Rad: 4 Company Apparel Trends for 2021

Having a company store is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Your employees will gain access to branded clothing that will allow them to show off where they work, and you have a walking, talking advertisement showing off your logo.

It’s for this reason that some employers will provide free custom company apparel to their workers when they reach certain milestones. Doing so makes staff members feel appreciated if you give them what they want.

There’s nothing better than pulling on a warm hoodie, and in these days and times, quality face masks are highly sought after. These are only a few things that you can give your workers. Check out this guide to learn more.

1. Safety First

Going into 2021, the Cronovirus is still at large. Now more than ever, workers are concerned about their safety. Ease your staff member’s worries with these company swag ideas.

Include clothing items with fabrics that have antibacterial properties. Hoodies with neck gaiters built-in are also pretty popular. Safety doesn’t end with taking care of your worker’s health.

If your staff stays outside a lot, they’ll appreciate an employee swag store with clothes that have UV protection or wick away moisture to keep them nice and cool.

2. Display That Logo

Your logo is the thing that sets you apart from your competitors. When someone sees the image, their minds should go straight to you.

Design a unique graphic and plaster it all over your employee swag. They’ll be proud to wear it if they love where they work, and if the clothes are of high quality, they will gather attention. People will ask your workers where they got their awesome hoodies.

If you’re not sure where to begin with designing a logo, do yourself a favor and reach out to a graphic design company. They’ll be full of helpful advice.

3. Show Your Holiday Spirit

Branded apparel doesn’t have to end with beanies and hoodies with logos on them. When holidays roll around, don’t be afraid to get creative. You can play around with shirts and accessories that have hearts for Valentine’s Day or clovers for St. Patrick’s Day.

Depending on your industry, you could have shirts for national pancake day. The sky is the limit.

Just make sure that you make your apparel for these holidays available in advance. You don’t want employees receiving their branded Christmas sweaters on January 2nd.

4. Going Green

Even before 2021, climate change has been a hot topic. Employees will be proud to work for a company that is doing its part for the environment.

To this end, you should consider investing in clothes that are made with sustainable materials. This also means building the products to last. If the clothes are sturdy, your employees won’t have to invest in more any time soon.

Company Apparel Trends to Keep In Mind

There are many merits of supplying your employees with company apparel. When they wear shirts and hoodies with your logo on them, they’ll be advertising for you.

It will also increase staff morale. So, what are you waiting for? Get your company store up and running today.

If you’re looking for more ways to keep your staff members happy, we’ve got you covered. Check out the Business section of our blog for additional articles like this one.

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