Bodmas Rule: Order of Operations with Appropriate Examples

Each alphabet of the word ‘BODMAS’ is the initial of a mathematical operation.

‘B’ stands for Bracket

‘O’ stands for Order

‘D’ stands for Division

‘M’ stands for Multiplication

‘A’ stands for Addition

‘S’ stands for Subtraction

In Basic mathematics, when many operations are present in a numerical equation, we need to have an order which would help us select which operation needs to be performed first. 

Imagine a numerical equation that involves addition, division and subtraction. We perform the operations in the same order as in the word ‘BODMAS ‘.

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Let’s have a look at some BODMAS rule questions

Q1. Simplify: 25 130 ÷ 10— 18

A1. We can see 4 mathematical operations. division occurs first in the ‘BODMAS’, solving 130 ÷ 10, we

get 13.

Hence, we have 25 + 13 — 18

The next operation is Addition; since there is no multiplication sign,

Hence, we have 38—18 =20

Q2. Simplify: 165 ÷ 15 × 5 + 3— 7

A2. Since division comes first, we solve 165 ÷ 15= 11

Hence, we have 11 × 5 + 3 — 7 in the next step.

After division comes multiplication, therefore 55 + 3 — 7 is the next step.

Now we have 58—7=51 (subtraction comes last in ‘BODMAS’.

Q3. Simplify: 71 + 23{15 ÷ 5 — 1}

A3. Since the above question involves mostly all the mathematical operations involved,

so by the order of alphabets in the word “B O D M A S ‘,we take up to solve the bracket first.

Inside brackets are operations of division and subtraction. In such equations, we see The signs inside the brackets as a part of brackets and need simplification first.

Solving 15÷5 – 1 first, we get 3 — 1 =2

Getting back to equation, we have 71 23 {2} = 71 _ 23 x 2 =71 + 46= 117

Q4. Simplify:77÷ 11/2 × 9 7 — 3

A4. Since the above question involves all the four basic mathematical operations, so in

accordance with the order of alphabets in the word “B O D M AS ‘, we take up division

First, 77 ÷ 11/2= 7/2

Now ,we have 7/2 × 9 + 7— 3

The next step is to solve multiplication

Hence we have 63/2 + 7 —3

= (63 + 14)/2 —3

=77/2 —3


Q5. Simplify:55 of [69 35 ÷5—4}

Since the above question involves mostly all the mathematical operations involved, so

in accordance with the order of alphabets in the word “B O D M A S ‘, we take up to

solve the bracket first.

Applying ‘BODMAS ‘, ’D’ for division comes first

Hence 69 + 7 — 4 =76—4=72

The next step is to get back to the equation

We now have,55 of {72}= 55×72=3960


Therefore, we hope you now have a clear idea of how to use the BODMAS rule. Practice the solved questions among others to implement the concept successfully. In this way, you can easily use this rule to solve numerous problems with ease. 

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