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The hoodie of today is still very much casual clothing. It’s not formal, and unlike a sweatshirt, it isn’t easy to dress up even with a sports jacket. But there are degrees: there’s the sloppy, somewhat outsized faded and patterned hoodie that’s perfect for lounging on the couch or going to the pub on a Sunday. On the other hand, there’s the sleek and presentable dark, trim-fitting, ahegao hoodie. This isn’t to say you should start wearing a sweatshirt with formal pants or over a dress shirt (think, rather, dark wash jeans or chinos). However, it does imply that the hoodie has the potential to progress towards respectability.

Champion reverse weave:

Champion has been producing official kits for American national teams and major sports clubs for years, so they know a thing or two about making hoodies that look great and perform well. Its innovative reverse weave cotton is incredibly durable and helps decrease shrinkage, so you can be confident that your hoodie will last for years. Champion Reverse Weave looks into the brand’s archives, employing period-appropriate materials and construction while modernizing the designs to provide the ideal blend of old-school quality and contemporary fashion.

A day marches:

Look no farther if you’re looking for a high-quality, minimal hoody that you can wear every day. Because A Day’s March is a direct-to-consumer brand, it bypasses the intermediary, allowing you to acquire a high-quality product at a reasonable price. The hoodies from the Swedish brand are created in Portugal from a thick, comfortable fleece-back fabric that is designed to break in and mold your body with regular wear. This is a great wardrobe must-have that is also really affordable.

L’Estrange London:

L’Estrange London creates designs that are comfortable, season-less, and adaptable enough to be worn in any situation. The Monochrome Hood is the pinnacle of this: fashioned as a smart jacket with the comfort of a wonderfully soft cotton hoodie, it is an altogether smarter, more polished take on a casualwear staple that can easily be dressed up or down. It will instantly become a staple in your wardrobe, available in three timeless color ways.


Sunspel is known for its high-end twist on wardrobe staples, and its sweatshirt
Collection is no exception. Their hoodies are made of high-quality loopback cotton for durability and breathability, and they come in a variety of neutral, block-color designs to go with anything in your closet. Sunspel has been producing some of the finest “basics” on the market for over 160 years. This British heritage business, the polar opposite of quick fashion, takes the time to create apparel of lasting quality that is produced responsibly and ecologically.

Reigning champ:

Reigning Champ, a Canadian brand specializing in premium athletic apparel, is a byproduct of the rise of sports luxe and athleisure. This stylish sportswear is designed to be worn both inside and outside the gym and is made from high-quality materials that they design and develop in-house, emphasizing durable construction and unrivaled comfort. When you’re talking about, the reigning champion is the most recent winner of a contest or competition.


In recent years, street wear has grown in popularity, with everyone from high street retailers to high-end designers looking to skate culture for design inspiration. So, if you want to join the movement in a genuine sense, look to Stussy, one of the scene’s initial purveyors and advocates. Expect hardwearing hoodies that can withstand daily wear and tear, according to its eponymous creator Shaun, who founded the company in 1980.


Gucci is the hottest designer label on the planet right now. According to Alessandro Michele’s creative direction, the luxury Italian brand’s new 1970s-inspired look appeals to everyone from fashion insiders to hip-hop artists to Hollywood A-listers. It was also the company that resurrected the current logo craze, so if you’re going to spend a month’s rent on a hoodie, it might as well look good.

Carhatt WIP:

Skate wear isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re a middle-aged male. We can all get in on the action when it’s as straightforward and wonderfully handled as Carhatt WIP. The urban-friendly European equivalent of the iconic American work wear label manufactures some of the nicest hoodies around and at rates that won’t break the bank. The usual Carhatt construction quality ensures you’ll stay warm and dry.

Stone Island:

You may recognize it from its horrible football hooligan associations or Drake’s habit of wearing it head to toe. On the other hand, Stone Island devotees know that it’s all about the novel textiles and cutting-edge coloring procedures. Although loopback jersey cotton isn’t very innovative, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t fall in love with it when it’s been expertly garment dyed.

Rolo laugh Lauren:

The hoodie hasn’t always been associated with preppy style, but if anyone could change that, it was always going to be Polo Ralph Lauren. The hoodie was essential in introducing the hoodie to a broader audience, transforming it from a frowned-upon outsider to something that could be worn around an Ivy League campus. Expect traditional silhouettes, collegiate logos, and reassuringly thick and robust construction.
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