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Anniversary cake ideas to surprise your spouse

Anniversary cake ideas to surprise your spouse

In these busy lives, we all are occupied with lots of stuff and are more focussed on our jobs and running behind success. In this hustle-bustle of life, we forget to take out time to express our feelings towards each other, especially towards our spouses. 

Anniversaries are the best occasion to make your spouse feel special. This is the day to remember and revisit the promises you made to each other. It is also the day to express your feelings and gratitude towards each other. Here we have curated a list of romantic anniversary cakes for you to choose for your spouse and make him/her feel special on your very own day. 

Love Cake-

Sometimes it becomes difficult to express your feelings towards each other through words. So instead of hesitating, get a love cake for your partner with “I Love You” written on it. This way you can hit two targets with a single arrow. This is a very romantic way to express your love towards your spouse.

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Years of togetherness cake-

To remember your years of togetherness, you can get a year of togetherness cake with the year of your marriage written on the cake. This will remind you of the journey you did together and many more years to go. This is a very romantic way to replenish the love between you and your spouse. 

Photo Cake-

This is a special kind of cake. You can get a personalised anniversary cake with a photo of you and your spouse on it. This is quite a romantic yet extraordinary way to make your partner feel special. 

Heart-shaped cake-

This is quite a cliche yet the most loved and romantic type of cake option available. Heart-shaped cakes are available in different flavours like chocolate, vanilla, red velvet. You can choose one of your favourites among all of them. You can get a heart-shaped cake for your partner on your anniversary to surprise them. 

Chocolate truffle cake-

If you and your partner love chocolate, in that case, get a chocolate truffle cake on your anniversary. To spice up the cake, you can ask to add cookies or gems on the top or customise it according to your need. If you are out of town and want to surprise your spouse with cake you can send the cake to Bangalore if your spouse lives there.

Fruit cake-

Fruit cakes are one of the most loved cakes. They are versatile among all. If your spouse is also a fruit cake fan, get a vanilla fruit cake on your anniversary to surprise him/her. 

Floral Cake-

Cakes all covered with flowers look lovely. Get a floral cake for your spouse for your anniversary. You can get a plethora of options in the market to choose from red roses to pink, white to purple and blue to yellow. You can also go for a different flower cake like lily cake or a marigold cake. Options are ample, and the choice is yours. 

Kit-kat Cake-

Kit-kat cake is quite famous nowadays. Kit-Kat is one of the most popular chocolates of all time. They are a bit different from the normal cakes yet taste divine. If you want to try something different and new on your anniversary, get a kit-kat cake for your spouse. 

Fondant Cake-

Fondant cakes are quite cliche yet the most loved online cakes, especially on anniversaries. Instead of getting a simple fondant cake, try something new. Get a two-tier or three-tier fondant cake decorated with flowers for your anniversary for your spouse.

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Emoji Cake-

This is a new yet trendy type of cake these days and quite common among teenagers. This cake is shaped as an emoji with different expressions on it. You can customise the expression of the emoji according to your preference. I am sure your spouse will love this cake.

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