A Guide to the Importance of SEO for Your Small Business

Are you wondering how much traffic you can really get by getting on the front page of Google?

With 85,000 searches every second, there’s plenty to go around. The question is, will it be worth the effort for you to invest in SEO?

If you haven’t invested in search engine optimization for your website yet, it pays to know the importance of SEO. Keep reading to learn why small business SEO is worth the time and effort.

Get Free Traffic

One of the most challenging parts of marketing your website is constantly looking for new visitors. Unless you have a significant presence online, you’ll likely have to continue paying for eyeballs to get new customers. If you’re a small business, you might not have the budget for this kind of investment.

SEO is a much more cost-effective marketing vehicle. Your goal with SEO is to get on the front page of Google. Once you invest in SEO marketing to get there, you can keep getting free SEO traffic for as long as you stay on the front page.

Create Brand Authority

Not every person that knows about your website will type it into the URL bar and go directly to your site. Some of them won’t know the web address off the top of their heads. Instead, they’ll go to Google and search for your company’s name.

It’s a problem when someone does this, and your site doesn’t appear in the number one spot. Someone will ask the question: is this website reputable when they don’t show up when their name gets searched? Getting your SEO right will help you show up on the front page for your brand and nail the brand authority that it brings.

Provide a Better User Experience

SEO isn’t only about great content anymore. Google wants its users to have a great experience on the websites they visit. That’s why Google changed its algorithm to factor page experience in search engine rankings.

This means you’ll need to create a pleasant design and offer fast page response times if you want to improve your chances of ranking on the front page. However, the benefit of doing this isn’t only higher page rankings. The changes a design company like makes will also benefit every person that visits your website from any source.

Get Targeted Traffic

Unless you have highly targeted paid advertising campaigns, you can’t always guess what phase of the buying cycle your audience is in. You have to hope your landing pages provide enough information to turn people into customers.

You don’t face this issue with SEO. The keyword a person uses to find your website tells you what phase in the buying cycle someone is in. If you match your landing page to the user intent of the keywords you target, you’ll be able to craft website content specifically for that phase of the buying cycle.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of SEO

Many business owners underestimate the importance of SEO because it takes so long to see results. In some cases, you can wait for months before you start seeing results. However, the benefits above make the time and effort you invest in the process worth it for any business.

If you want to learn more great digital marketing tips that will help you get exposure online, check out our latest blog posts.

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