A Guide On Earning from Your Love of Cricket

5 Tips and Tricks on How to Earn Money on Cricket

On India’s streets, you are bound to see more cricket posters and adverts than any other sport in the nation. Even if you are not an avid cricket fan yourself, you know many people who worship the sport. Generally, sports within the country have experienced a series of gradual transformations. It has grown into a massive industry from being an avenue of recreation, exercise, or competition.

However, like traditional sports, only a fragment of India’s population makes a career in cricket. Thanks to modern technology, a more significant percentage benefits from it in various ways.

This post discusses five tips and tricks that can also help you benefit from the cricket world and earn money. So, without any delay, let’s get into it!

5 Tips to Make Money on Cricket

There are many avenues to earn in the cricket world, but we’ll go through these five significant tips that can guide you. 

  • Betting on Cricket

This is the most popular method of making money from cricket. Although there are gray areas in the legality of gambling in India, the government approved offshore online betting sites. Gaming sites like Parimatch cricket have made sports betting easily accessible to everyone. You can easily place a bet from the comfort of your home and stand a chance to win lots of money.

As you would expect, the government makes a lot of money through taxes and legislation on these gaming companies. But still, the online betting sector in India has grown by over $900 million in valuation. This proves that there is plenty of money to be made in the sector, and it can become a billion-dollar industry in a little over a year.

You can earn money through cricket knowledge by betting on IPL games and even virtual cricket matches. However, predicting any sports is a risk; hence, people also stand to lose a lot of money while some make plenty.

Things like knowledge, experience, statistics, and luck separate successful bettors in the sport from failing ones. Unfortunately, you also have to bet responsibly and avoid unregistered gaming sites because the internet is rife with several betting scams.

  • Writing About Cricket

With the gradual surge of cricket popularity and betting came the need for cricket content. By applying your passions and developing your knowledge of sports, you are in a good position to earn money in the cricket world.

Nowadays, thousands of sites post content on cricket, providing a diverse pool of information about the game. There is content on tournaments, players, teams, reviews, and statistics of different forms. However, these websites don’t end there. They also contain updated content on recent happenings in the cricket world, match schedules, player biographies, and different analyses. 

However, these websites are mostly owned by betting companies or other sports organizations. To make money individually from writing about cricket, you’ll need to create a cricket blog. It can be a lucrative proposition when you have writing skills and specialized knowledge of the cricket sport.

However, it requires a lot of determination, dedication, and patience to create a successful blog. Writing a few articles won’t cut it. You’ll also need to attract enough visitors to read your content and earn money. Finally, success requires your blog to stand out by giving unique information that your readers will connect with.

  • Fantasy Cricket League

Fantasy cricket is an online, virtual league where you can earn points based on the actual game performances of the players selected in a cricket match. First, you need to create a virtual team and pick the players you hope to see play. A fantasy cricket league aims to gather the highest points of other online players. To play fantasy cricket, choose an upcoming match and pick a team of 11 players.

It is a satisfying game that can be played among friends, and you can make even more profit by entering specific tournaments. These tournaments can earn you extra money, but you have to pay before entry. To increase your chances of winning, having concise knowledge of the abilities and forms of cricket players is a must.

  • Selling Cricket Items

Selling cricket items is another easy way to make money from cricket. Individuals can set up a shop and sell sports items such as jerseys, posters, signed photographs, cricket gear, etc. These items can fetch quite a lot of money, depending on their popularity and worth. You can also set up an online shop via social media to advertise your items and gain more customers.

  • Cricket Vlogging

Lastly, you have cricket vlogging. Like any other sport, making video content on YouTube can allow you to earn money by having people watch your video. You can create a cricket video channel where you make video content based on cricket-related discussions.

These videos can be about game analysis, previews, and even better predictions. The only difficulty will be to gather a good number of followers. But once you have great content and keep posting unique videos, you’re bound to earn some good money from cricket as a cricket vlogger.


You can do numerous things to make money with your cricket passion and knowledge. You don’t have to make a career from playing the sport. Other opportunities exist to leverage your love for the game to earn you good cash. Explore these five tips, and any more you come across, start making money from cricket today!

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