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A Buying Guide: The 5 Best Rado Watches for Men in 2021

Are you a watch aficionado who plans to start your own collection of the finest timepieces? If so, why not start buying from Swiss-made brands such as Rado. It is popular in the watchmaking industry because of its watches’ unmatched quality and sophistication. You will never regret buying from this brand as it guarantees you exquisite craftsmanship.

The company managed by Fritz, Ernst, and Wener Schlup started producing timepieces in 1917 in Lengnau, Switzerland. Its founding name was Schlup & Co. It had a long journey in achieving success in the industry. In fact, it took the company 25 years before it became the largest maker of movements in the country. It became one of the most innovative watch companies today because it redefined the way it made timepieces. Before discovering some of the brand’s best models for men, you must first read why it outperforms its competitors.

How did Rado outperform its competitors?

Out of the numerous luxury brands in the market, Rado is one of the top picks of most watch collectors and enthusiasts. Even people without any watch fetish know that this brand is one of the champions in the industry. It even won 30 international awards for its watchmaking practices.

Scarcity of Rado watches

If you are not yet aware, Rado does not practice mass production of its offered timepieces. The rarest collection is those watches made for men. In fact, the company only crafts 500 000 timepieces each year. It does this to make the supply of its models scarce. As a result, people who wear a watch from the brand will feel a sense of exclusivity.

Innovative Rado watches

Watch collectors don’t call Rado the finest luxury watch manufacturer for nothing. It has that title because it pioneered some of the best innovations that ever occurred in the watchmaking industry. For instance, it was the brand that developed the first scratch-resistant watch in the form of the Diastar 1. Sometime after that, it then created the world’s hardest watch named V10K. In 2013, it produced the world’s first touch technology that impressed all watch enthusiasts.

The best watches manufactured by Rado for men

1. Original Watch

The Rado Original or the Rado Golden watch is just a remake of the original model released in 1962. Instead of copying its traditional designs, it features a modern 21st-century style while maintaining all the charms found on the original scratch-resistant model. It has a stainless steel case bracelet and a case with a diameter of 39.8 mm. If you want a watch that can give you both style and class, then this one’s for you.

To achieve an unorthodox design, the company decided to remove the numbers 3, 6, 9, and 12. It resulted in a watch with a unique micro-watch face. It also comes with a sapphire crystal dial window for added protection on its automatic movement.

2. D-Star Automatic

Are you the type of person who loves spending holidays and vacations by the sea? Are you looking for a watch that can withstand extreme conditions underwater? If your answer to both of these questions is yes, then purchase this automatic D-Star watch. It is a timepiece with features that are helpful during diving activities. It is one of the very few watches of Rado made for this purpose. It can also make you stylish whenever you step out for a dip in the sea.

The watch has a chronograph complication and rotating diver’s bezel that you can rarely find in any of the brand’s timepieces. It is resistant to water with a depth of about 200 m. It has all the attributes for a diver’s watch to perform well and last for many years to come. Hence, you can never go wrong when you purchase it.

3. Diamaster

If you want a watch with a robust and chunkier appearance, then the Diamaster is what you are looking for. One of the factors that contributed to the high sales of this watch is its sharp and round ceramic case. Its gray bracelet made from high-tech ceramic has a timeless design. It is a great value for your money because aside from being one of the most popular timepieces manufactured by the brand, it is also one of the most unique watches for men.

4. Centrix Chronograph

The Centrix Chronograph has clean lines making it look clutter-free. Even if it is a complicated watch, the company crafted it in such a way that it will appear minimalist and uncluttered. If you are fond of the chronograph complication, this watch is a must-have. It is the best-looking watch equipped with the said function. This stylish masterpiece is a very accurate time-telling tool making it one of the best Rado watches.

5. Hyperchrome Dual Time Automatic

Typically, technical watches have boring and monotone designs. That is why most people avoid buying one either as a gift or as a reward for themselves. But consider this hyper chrome dual time watch different. Even though it is a technical timepiece, it still has an ultra-stylish appearance. If you love traveling the world, the company made this watch just for you. It has stainless steel and hi-tech plasma ceramic making it a lightweight, scratch-resistant, and comfortable watch for men.

This model consists of two charming colors that compliment each other, namely blue and gray. If you buy it, you will enjoy how you can instantly see two time zones in just a glance. Since it has superluminova hour hands, it has the power to glow. In this way, you can still easily check the time of the day even if you are in dark places.

In a Nutshell

After reading the reasons why Rado stands out in the international market, you probably considered buying one for yourself. Now that you know the options available for men, it is now your turn to select the best watch that best suits your style, budget, and personality. Once you successfully identify the model you want to add to your collection, purchase from for great deals and high discounts!

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