[8 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Corporate Housing]


It’s time for the next conference and you’ll be out of town for two weeks.  Hotel prices are insane, but there is an option that helps everyone involved.  To save money and help employees remain productive, corporate housing is the better choice.  

Rather than the sparse amenities of a hotel room, most corporate housing features the benefits of a home.  From comfortable furnishings, to having a laundry room, corporate housing saves money with flexible leases and increased productivity.  

Comfort and Health

One of the most effective ways to increase productivity is to ensure that employees are comfortable and able to unwind after a long day.  Hotels may be great, but they can be pricey and don’t necessarily focus on comfort other than beds and a few chairs.  

Fully Furnished Locations

Most corporate housing will have fully furnished homes with living spaces, kitchens and laundry access.  They have fully furnished living rooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms.  

Corporate housing gives employees the ability to relax in a chair, watch TV and clean their own clothes at the end of a long day.  This helps maintain routines and make sure employees are happy and healthy.  

During the pandemic, the importance of high internet speeds became apparent.  Fortunately, corporate housing has high internet speeds which means that employees can also work from home if necessary.

Kitchens for Home Cooking

Many kitchens, even in extended stay hotels, aren’t going to have the same feel, comfort, or functionality as a full kitchen. If employees are allowed to have access to a full kitchen, they are able to cook food for themselves.  Having a home cooked meal when far away from home helps employees keep a routine.

The other benefit is that employees can make much healthier and cheaper foods at home: this makes it easier for employees to maintain any dietary needs at their temporary location. 

Finally, a designated living space offers the comfort of exercise and fitness without having to be in an unfamiliar environment.  There is plenty of space in corporate housing which means employees can continue floor routines or work on cardio.  


When someone is comfy, it is easier to work.  Another way to think of it is that it is easier to sit at a desk with an ergonomic chair rather than a stiff backed chair.  Corporate housing is designed with the employee in mind.  

Instead of having to listen to children run around and noisy neighbors, like they would at a hotel, corporate housing allows for very productive environments.  With easy access to food, water, and necessities, an employee can produce better work thanks to increased focus.

Additionally, if a person is allowed to have a space to themselves, they are allowed to decompress at the end of the day. To decompress means to relieve pressure or to let go.  If an employee is in a small hotel room, that isn’t necessarily relaxing or decompressing.  People need to have a space and sense of belonging to decompress.  


While hotels are secure, corporate housing is also going to have additional security features for the home such as cameras, smart locks, or safety lights. Having these additional elements of security helps keep employees safe and secure. 

Some corporate housing may even have guards or there may be police that patrol the area.  These options ensure that your employees stay safe, and can still continue their work.

Flexible Leases

Financially speaking, the flexible lease is the biggest benefit to corporate housing. There are options to do month to month leases:  some locations may allow week by week stays. 

The flexible lease allows you to adjust to the changes in business. If additional time is needed, then an employee can stay longer without penalty. At the same time, if your employee has to leave earlier, then the lease is also able to be canceled without penalty.  

With corporate housing, employees have access to services that take care of any household needs.  If something breaks down, it is not the responsibility of the employee to fix it.  The properties are taken care of by the company that owns the houses: no muss no fuss!


One of the biggest draws of corporate housing for businesses is the ability to save money. While saving money, businesses can ensure better productivity and health for employees.  

With a sense of belonging, employees can settle more easily into their new environment and jump into work.  Not only are they going to be more productive, but employees will also be able to unwind and cool down after a long day.  

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