8 Tricks you must know when using Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard packaging boxes are considered one of the central needs for the packaging, storage, or transport of retail products. These boxes effectively perform all functions and are considered one of the recyclable and sustainable packaging’s for each product. The stable and durable nature of these boxes is enough to add a great pillow for any type of product. It significantly ensures the safety of the item during long-distance transportation. It is a great benefit for customers and resellers. Printed boxes increase the value of your merchandise and store products securely until they reach their final destination. The high quality and durability of this packaging allow them to withstand any kind of stress or wear. It helps protect your business name before the product reaches the end-user.

Let’s see the tricks which help to improve the business using cardboard boxes.

1: Unique Cardboard Boxes Design Increases Sales

The first and easiest way to increase product sales is to make the box design unique and different from other products on the market. The cardboard packaging boxes design is the first thing that can make a strong impression of the product in the mind of the customers. Design can also be considered as the key factor in increasing product sales. Customers always want to buy products with the latest designer packaging. Outdated packaging design may be the reason for the decline in product sales. This is why companies must keep up with the changing trends if they want customers to buy their products.

2: Look of Boxes in 3D impacts Customer’s Decisions

A good designer should provide printable (flat) and three-dimensional design templates to your boxes. You can also create your template by printing something on white paper and placing it in a box or tube. This will help you notice things you might not have noticed in other situations. Sometimes the image looks good when flat, but bad when constructed (and vice versa). Make sure you understand the difference.

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3: Choose a Natural Color Palette for the Boxes

There is no trend of using bold and arrogant packaging. To make your products the hub of the modern market, you need to reduce their quality. Colors inspired by nature have a calming effect. Typically, this type of printing and packaging is used to show concern for eco-friendliness. You can also try using brighter tones to create a wash effect or combine colored elements with natural brown paper. It is just like in the packaging design of the natural soaps. Even if your products aren’t 100% organic, you can still add a touch of health to your carton pack by using a simple color palette.

4: Combine Photography with a Minimalist Style

Cardboard packaging trends keep changing over time, but what always changes is the use of proper graphics. In this new era, illustrated graphics and simple typographic designs seem to be the most popular. Packaging photography may not be common, but relevant and elegant photography can create stunning results. The packaging must use a simple white design with easy-to-read black lettering. Relevant and eye-catching images are perfect for eye-catching displays.

5: Use Insert in the Cardboard Box Packaging

Insertion is an effective strategy that can increase order size, word of mouth, loyalty, etc. They don’t have to spend too much.  If needed, you can turn the business card design into an insert. Print hundreds as templates, then handwrite one or more codes as needed. You can print business cards for as little as 2 cents each.  Don’t forget the postcard. They are large enough for writing notes. Handwritten note-taking strategy is now becoming a trend. Many online retailers claim to have achieved success in this regard.

6: Think Green about Cardboard Boxes Wholesale

Green environmental protection is another simple packaging method used today. With the growing awareness of environmental protection, customers and manufacturers prefer to pack their products in environmentally friendly boxes. Developing simple, eye-catching, and sustainable packaging designs is the perfect way to increase sales. Paying attention to your environment is one of your biggest responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Whether you want to design product packaging or wholesale corrugated boxes, so far, using environmentally friendly materials is the best practice. These companies can combine several designs based on product requirements.

7: Use Cardboard Display Boxes with Window Lids

Showcase boxes help keep customers attracted to your products. You may have noticed that most grocery stores have display boxes with food in them. You can make your food box this way.  Apart from that, you can also select these display boxes and use them as retail boxes. Put it on a shelf or table, it will help you make a good impression. It can also help your customers not to open all the tabs and be happy with the results. A cardboard box printed with all the details of your business (such as logos, designs, and other themes) can help you get popular with the market. It also helps keep your customers informed about contact information. If you print your contact information on the cardboard window frame, your customers won’t be anywhere when they need it.

8: Use Simple Labels to Simplify Packaging

Using easy-to-make labels is another cool idea that can create a refreshing sense of simplicity in your packaging design. You can stick these printed labels anywhere on these boxes. Their printing costs are very low and they provide an attractive appearance for simple packaging. This is a good choice for small businesses looking to create branded packaging on a tight budget. If you choose color printing, it will add an exquisite handmade look to your package. Let’s take these boxes as an example. A simple printed label on the brown box adds a lot of charm. The handle on the top of the box is easy to carry, without the need for a separate paper / plastic bag. The design of this marketing box ideally considers the functional aspects.

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