7 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Used KTM Bike in Bangalore

Initially, the Indian automobile and bike market was solely focused on manufacturing fuel-efficient two-wheelers that could provide the consumers with better mileage and other conveniences rather than contributing to style and power (except for Royal Enfield, which used to manufacture higher capacity engine motorcycles). But after the arrival of the Hero Honda CBZ in the year 1999, things took a different turn, and the Indian motorcycle or two-wheeler industry started manufacturing better motorcycles that come with more power.

About KTM motorcycles

KTM (Kraftfahrzeug Trunkenpolz Mattighofen) is an Australian two-wheeler and sports motorcycle company that is a joint venture of the Indian automobile manufacturer Bajaj Auto International Holdings BV and Pierer Mobility AG. This bike manufacturer is globally famous for its wide range of sports and high CC bikes and motorcycles. In India, the first time, KTM was introduced in the year 2012 when the company launched its Duke 200 in the Indian motorcycle market. 

Currently, KTM is a fan favourite motorcycle among the Indian bike riders. The craze for this bike has reached such unprecedented heights that people always look out for second-hand KTM bikes in Bangalore and all over India. Because of its unique style and other fantastic features, even used KTM bikes in Bangalore feel completely new after a proper wash and some minor services.

If you are a KTM lover and you are looking for used KTM bikes in Bangalore, which is also the bike of your dreams, then before buying the bike, there are multiple things you should watch out for or, to put it more simple, avoid making some particular type of mistake people make when buying used KTM bikes in Bangalore.  

But if you are here reading this article, you won’t have to worry about a thing because, in this article, we will discuss the potential and probable mistakes that you need to look out for, while trying to bag a deal (second hand or used KTM bikes in Bangalore).

KTM bikes are extremely famous among Indian bike riders.

7 Mistakes you should look out for while buying a KTM bike

Evaluation first 

“First of all, when you are evaluating used KTM bikes in Bangalore or in any other place, you need to properly look at the service records. Make sure the bike has been serviced at proper intervals, and you also need to inspect the odometer readings according to the entry in the service book. For more information on the vehicle, you can also check with the company’s official service center. 

Insurance checkup

Secondly, explore the insurance claims of the used KTM bikes in Bangalore. It is also important to know if the bike has gone through any major accident. Avoid a bike that has encountered a severe disaster. Make sure to check if the insurance has expired and if the claim bonus is still valid or not so that you can negotiate accordingly.

Test ride

Third, before making the decision on purchasing used KTM bikes in Bangalore, try riding the same bike, but a newer one if possible, and try to take notes on the differences. Look out for the things like how the brakes, the engine feels, gear shifts, acceleration, etc., work. If you feel that there is too much of a difference, then either avoid the bike or negotiate accordingly if you are willing to purchase the same.

Price comparison

If you are purchasing offline, then try to compare the price with online second-hand bike selling platforms like, where you will get a proper idea of how much the used KTM bikes in Bangalore can cost you and take the best available deal.

Verify original buyer credentials

While you are evaluating the bike itself, don’t forget to check the current ownership of the second-hand bike you want to purchase. Because it is important to match the owner of the bike with the identity proof of the seller.

Review ownership documents

If you are going to finalize the deal, make sure you have all the necessary documents available in order to transfer the ownership of the bike.

Check for possible damages

It is also important to check the current condition of the tires of the second-hand KTM bike. If you see that the tire is almost worn out or has multiple punctures sealed, then negotiate the price accordingly because you will definitely have to spend a significant amount of money on replacing the tires.


Because of multiple hassles and out of the box paperwork, the younger generation of India, who are so much enthusiastic about two-wheelers, mostly prefers using used KTM bikes in Bangalore and in other cities. But finding a good KTM bike that has been properly checked and serviced with all of its paperwork intact is very difficult. Not to mention you also have to keep in all of the things we have discussed earlier in this article.

However, all of these can be swiftly tackled, and you will end up with used KTM bikes in Bangalore without any kind of headache if you buy bikes from online second-hand bike selling platforms like These online bike-selling platforms will take all of the inconveniences related to a second-hand bike purchase, and you will end up getting what you are exactly looking for without any predicament.

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