5 Secrets to Finding the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa, FL

Did you know that Florida is among the top five states with the highest number of fatal car accidents? Tampa is one of the cities with the highest number of accidents in FL. If you have unfortunately been a victim, you need to find the best car accident lawyer in Tampa.

One of the most unfortunate truths about car accidents is that people seldom admit fault. Things take a turn for the worse when insurance companies get involved. Once you start going through the claims process, you realize that the insurance company may not have your best interest at heart.

While you may be looking to get a full settlement for all your injuries and damages, the insurance adjuster will be looking at how they can pay as little as possible. This kind of predicament works out well when you have a professional car accident lawyer. So how do you find the best Tampa car accident lawyer?

Well, this is where we have you covered. In this post, we have listed some of the most essential things you have to look for when choosing a car accident lawyer. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

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1. Look for Specialization

A lot of people make the mistake of hiring the first lawyer they come across without considering specialization. You see, the law has so many facets, and what you need is a lawyer who specializes in car accident cases. Hiring a criminal law or divorce lawyer, for instance, would be a grave mistake because they may have as much knowledge as you about car accident cases.

A professional Tampa attorney that specializes in car accidents will know all the intricacies of personal injuries. They’ll know what judges try car accident cases in the city, the kind of paperwork that needs to be filled, and the documents you must present to win the case.

They have enough knowledge and experience to know when to settle a case out of court and when to file a lawsuit and go to court. This kind of knowledge, expertise, experience, and skill will be invaluable when getting a favorable settlement or court outcome.

2. Inquire How Long They Have Been Practicing

Experience is a vital factor when looking for a professional car accident attorney. The longer they have been practicing, the more experienced they are, and the fewer chances of making mistakes. If they have been in the field for a long time, they’ll have an extensive legal network that could help you get a favorable outcome much faster.

When it comes to finding an experienced lawyer, understand that they also have to want your case too. Most car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means they only get their fees after receiving the compensation. If they ascertain that your case will be hard to prove or that your compensation will likely be too small, they may refuse.

Even if you suffered severe injuries, they could refuse to take your case if your odds of winning are too low. You may also have been largely responsible for the accident, or the other party has little to no insurance coverage.

3. Look for an Attorney That’s Willing to Go to Court

If you’re like most people, then you’re hoping that your case does not end up in court. Once a case goes to trial, it becomes expensive, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking because you cannot predict the outcome. However, your car accident case may not result in the compensation you’re hoping for.

If it gets to this point, you have to know that your Tampa car accident lawyer is willing to go to court to get it. If they are unwilling to take the case in court, chances are they’ll accept a low-ball offer, and you will be on the losing end. It would be better for you to find another professional car accident lawyer in Tampa instead.

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If they’re willing to go to court, inquire how often they win their cases and what settlement amounts they get on average. If they have an excellent track record, they’ll be more than willing to show it to you. While you’re at it, ask the average amount of settlement they get for their clients.

4. Visit Their Website

One of the fastest ways to tell whether you’re dealing with a professional car accident attorney in Tampa is through their website. Check what kind of content they post on their blog so see how authoritative they are. Check their customer testimonials and reviews, then take your timer to call past clients to get a better understanding of how the lawyer operates.

Inquire how accommodating and friendly the lawyer was, how professional they were, and how often they communicated. Ask whether they were content with how the lawyer handled the case and what you should watch out for.

5. Ask to See the Lawyer’s Fee Structure

While most lawyers for accidents charge on a contingency basis, some charge on an hourly basis, while others use both options. When you find the best Tampa car accident lawyer, it’s crucial that you understand their fee structure to avoid having problems later on. If they agree to charge on a contingency basis, they should not ask you for any payments until you settle the case and get the compensation.

Hiring the Best Car Accident Lawyer Tampa

If you’ve been wondering how to choose a car accident lawyer, make sure you follow these tips closely to find the best car accident lawyer in Tampa. Ask for referrals, check online reviews, call past clients, and conduct some background checks before you settle. Ask them as many questions as you need to so as to feel comfortable and confident that they can win your case.

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