5 Key Facility Management Duties of Successful Management Teams

Anytime a company has a physical location, a facilities manager is a crucial component of a company’s success. Facility management duties are wide-ranging and require a varied skill set to keep a facility running day-to-day. Once you look at all the duties of a facilities manager, you will have a greater appreciation for their ability to keep a building running.

The daily responsibilities of a facilities manager boggle the mind. What are they responsible for in keeping a building running smoothly? Read on and find out five of the key facility management duties of successful management teams.

1. Machine Operation and Maintenance

As part of their duties, a facility manager needs to know how their machines function, and the best way to keep them in working order so that they can guide the people under them in keeping things working smoothly. They need to have technical knowledge of things like HVAC systems and computers. With this knowledge, a facilities manager can help their team members get the most out of their machines.

2. Communication

A facility manager’s ability to effectively communicate is at the core of their daily responsibilities. As many facility managers are in leadership positions in their companies, they need to delegate responsibilities to their team members and communicate with other departments and other managers. If a facility manager can’t communicate well, then everything else falls apart.

3. Crisis Response and Mitigation

Every facilities management team needs to be safety conscious along with having a strong crisis response plan for as many contingencies as possible. Being able to walk through your facility and spot possible problems before they become hazards is one of a facility manager’s most important duties. And if a problem does develop into a hazard, then they need to make sure all the workers under them know the best way to deal with the problem.

4. Creating and Managing a Budget

A facility management team is also responsible for creating a sustainable budget to keep their facility running. They need to know the lifespan of any machines their facility uses to budget for their repair or replacement. They need to know how much can be used for new hires, buying software, or promoting workplace development for their teams.

Having a good budget aids in business operations and building administration keeping everything at top effectiveness. When a facilities manager needs to budget, for example, bank and office cleaning, it helps to have a solid knowledge of your monthly, quarterly, and yearly budget constraints.

5. Promoting Workplace Development

One of the most important jobs of a facilities manager is to help the growth of their team members. That means promoting knowledge of their technical and environmental skills to aid in the betterment of the company. If team members can grow to better do their jobs, then facility managers can more effectively do theirs.

Facility Management Duties

Facility management duties are crucial for a company to keep ahead of the game. When your facility management team is top-notch, then you have a distinct advantage in your industry. Excellent facilities managers are key for your business.

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