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5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Villa in Sharjah

Sharjah may not be as popular as Dubai, but the fact that it offers a high-quality lifestyle can certainly not be denied. The low cost of living also makes it a suitable choice for those working in Dubai. They can buy a home in Sharjah at comparatively lower costs and commute daily to Dubai to fulfil their professional responsibilities. Commuting to and from both the emirates isn’t very challenging due to their close proximity.

As per studies, property prices in Sharjah are around 55% to 60% less as compared to Dubai. Therefore, if you’re looking for a villa for sale, the former certainly makes for the best option. It presents many residents a chance to enjoy the magnificent villa lifestyle without getting drowned in debt.

However, before you start your hunt for a villa for sale in Sharjah, take a look at some important things you must know about:


The number of rooms in a villa defines its configuration. And how many rooms you require completely depends on your needs. Needless to say, bigger families will prefer bigger villas with 4 or 5 bedrooms and vice versa.

Bear in mind that bigger villas come with a higher price tag. Therefore, you will have to manage your finances accordingly.

Available Amenities

Apart from the grandeur and charm they exude, villas are famous for the amenities they come with. So, make a point to know about the available amenities and facilities before finalising a villa for sale in Sharjah.

A swimming pool, terrace, BBQ area, maid’s room, storage room, and parking space are some of the common amenities villa owners have at their disposal. However, some ultra-luxury units also come with a private cinema and other advanced facilities.

The best part of living in a villa is that residents get to enjoy exclusive amenities. This means that they don’t have to share these facilities with others, as is the case with apartment buildings. For example, a swimming pool in an apartment building is shared by all the inhabitants. However, in a villa, only the residents of the particular housing unit can use it, and no one else.


This is the part that deserves a lot of attention and consideration when you’re buying a villa in Sharjah. The emirate houses various villa communities. You need to find the best one that suits your everyday lifestyle, fulfils all your requirements, and isn’t too heavy on your budget. Furthermore, it should be well-connected and easy to access.

Even if you do not intend to sell your villa anytime soon, you still need to take the ROI factor into consideration. Choose a location that offers high returns so that your investment remains secure over the years.

While it’s true that villas in under-developed areas or the ones located outside the city centre are available at affordable rates, they, however, come with many challenges as well. You will face commutation hassles. And if you’re fond of living an active lifestyle amidst the city’s landmarks, you are going to miss out on them by buying a villa in a remote area.


It goes without saying that the price is one of the important factors you should consider when looking for villas in Sharjah. Usually, it depends on all the factors discussed above.

People usually end up using all that they have accumulated over the years in the name of savings when buying a villa. And, they have to obtain a home mortgage loan for this purpose as well. While getting a loan is certainly a wise idea, using all your savings isn’t. You should always set aside some amount for a rainy day.


Villas in Sharjah are available in different designs vis-à-vis their architecture. The selection depends on your preferences. You can choose from Arabic, Contemporary, Classic, Mediterranean or Spanish style villas. Each style has its own distinct characteristics and charm.

A Final Word

In a nutshell, it is undoubtedly a wise decision to buy a villa in Sharjah. The economy of this emirate is bustling. The real estate sector is witnessing an upward trend. And the future looks bright for the cultural capital of the UAE. However, keep the above-mentioned factors into consideration if you want a villa in the emirate that suits your requirements and offers more than just the value of your money.

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