5 Considerations When Buying a Portable Active Speaker 

There are many reasons why you might need a portable active speaker. From weddings to public speaking events, these devices can provide the necessary audio support for a range of circumstances. However, like most products on the market, there is also an overwhelming amount to pick from. So, where do you start? And, how do you guarantee that you get the best speaker for your need profile? You take a look at the functions, and see if they tick your boxes! Here are five considerations everyone should make when considering a portable active speaker purchase. 

Where You’ll Be Using It

When thinking about the best options for Powered Speakers, you have to know where you’ll be needing to use them. For example, if your event is a big one in an outdoor space, the speaker will have to look and function differently than the one needed for a quieter indoor affair. There is a whole range of contexts where you might need a portable powered speaker: speaking at a wedding, for instance, singing at a local gig, or even just playing music at a milestone birthday party. Answer this question first, or decide whether you need the device to be able to accommodate a variety of settings. 

Why You’ll Be Using It

Will you need to attach a microphone? Or, is the speaker purely to play music? Is it being used for an important speech at a conference? Will it need to reach a high number of ears? The reasons why you’ll be using it are as important as where you’ll be using it. This dictates the required power specs and sources and portability factors too. 

How Portable You Need It To Be

How portable a speaker is depends on how big it is, how heavy it is, and how many parts are attached. For most portable speakers, portability is the core focus. But this isn’t always the case, and some are quite large. This has to be factored in because if you need to carry it over a long distance, you will have to make arrangements such as a case or mobility aids. 

Microphone Compatibility

If the speaker needs a microphone attachment, make sure it has one. Not every powered speaker has this option, especially for the lower budgets. Therefore, if something like this is required, it may increase the price range. You can see whether a speaker supports microphones by checking the inputs and outputs. 

Power Source and Battery Life

Battery life is always worth checking out. If the speaker is going to require a plug-in power source or has a couple of hours of battery life comparatively, then it might not be the best one for the job. 

Where you need the speaker to go and what you need it to do performance wise are the two biggest questions you need to ask when deciding on the best product. As long as it can perform in the areas you need it to, is from a reputable brand, and is compatible with a range of outputs, there should be no stopping you. 

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