You need to know these tips before you buy your new lawn mower

A lawn mower is essential for maintaining and beautifying your lawn. Your home’s curb appeal will suffer if you make a poor decision when purchasing a mower. Let’s go over the significant factors before buying a new mower.

Apart from considering the price and brand reputation when purchasing a mower. It would help if you also considered these aspects before purchasing your mower.

Tire kicking

Minor front wheels aid in maneuverability purposes, thus helping in height adjustment via the handle in front. For you to make a precise cut along edges and walls, inset wheels enable the mower’s blades to span the entire machine.

Accessories & Tools

It would help if you also considered the equipment, extras, and other attachments that come with the reel mower. You can improve the mower’s utility with the best equipment and accessories. Additionally, you would be much more adept at performing various tasks like mowing the lawn, bagging groceries, mulching the reel, gathering leaves, and many others.

Examine the handle.

When turning a corner, it should be able to tip up in front smoothly and be adjustable and comfortable. Performing a wheelie will not make mowing more enjoyable, but every little bit counts regarding lawn care.

Area and Terrain

How large of an area must you mow? A more effective rotary mower with a wider cutting width may be advantageous in large sports structures with many fields that don’t need a low-cut height.

Consider using a contour rotary reel mower to reduce scalping in areas with undulations and varied terrain. Reel mowers or muti-deck rotary mowers perform better at following the field’s contours on undulating terrain.


It might not be possible to use a reel mower with a more accurate and lower cut height on recreational fields with lower levels of competition. The reel mower investment will, however, typically last longer than a rotary mower made for residential use, so at least it may eventually justify manual lawn mower prices in Kenya.


Everyone tries to save money whenever they can, but when it comes to reel mowers, investing a little more now can save you money later. You get a more durable model when you spend more money on a mower. You won’t have to worry about replacing or repairing parts regularly.

Consider which components of your lawnmower might experience more significant wear and tear, and consult a mower specialist so they can advise you on the best purchases to make.

The cost of repair

Rear-wheel drive mower options cost a little more to fix if you go with a self-propelled mower. To repair a front-drive lawn mower, replace the belt.

Area of residence

You may opt to choose between gasoline and battery-powered lawn mowers. In suburban areas with smaller housing blocks, battery-powered lawn mowers are the best option because they are quieter and do not produce smoke.


I hope these suggestions help you decide which mower is right for you. Consider all of the factors before purchasing this grass cutting machine.

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