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Why Is Water Coming Out Of The Shower Head While Filling Bathtub?

If water is shooting out of your shower head when you are filling your bathtub. Then you will likely have a problem with one of the shower valves. This error can be very frustrating and often leads to a waste of tub water, which is never fun. If you are going to be able to fix this issue, then you must understand what is causing the leak or spill before doing anything. There are several causes, but mainly it involves a plumbing issue that can lead to serious flooding if not fixed immediately.

One of the most common reasons water comes out of the shower head while filling the bathtub is a blockage in your drain. An accumulation of anaerobic bacteria (GAS) in the bottom of your toilet is an indication. They are frequently produced by fat or grease particles that were not adequately rinsed away after use.

Worry not; this article will help you understand why water comes from your shower head while filling the tub.

Diverter stem

The diverter stem’s job is to direct water toward the bathtub faucet. The diverter stem activates when you turn on your shower, stopping water flow to your shower and sending it to your bathtub faucet. If your diverter stem gets damaged, it will fail to do its job and cause the water to flow or leak in your showerhead when you turn on your bathtub faucet. 

The valve could be upside down. 

This indicates that the valve in your water supply is put backward. The water will continue to flow but sometimes overflow into different pipes, which will be the case even if you stop regulating the diverter. So, it requires attention right away to prevent worse issues.

The length of the valve to the tub spout is outside the 8” to 18” rule.

The 8” to 18” rule means that the length from the valve to the tub spout is outside the 8″ to 18″ rule. There is more than one 90-degree elbow. Something other than ½” smooth copper. 

Install shower fittings with the proper height. 

When installing shower heads, people often overlook the proper size or height. You should look for the proper height or size before a problem occurs or before it’s too late. The height of the shower valve and spout is critical to ensuring ease and comfort when using the shower. If set too low, showering can be uncomfortable and challenging. If set too high, it could be hard to reach properly. To find the best height for a shower spout and valve, remember the users and the type of showerhead you have. 

The pipe connecting to the spout isn’t copper or galvanized.

This implies that if it was utilized, it was maybe abused and produce a serious issue. If this has happened to you, there are many ways to repair or fix this. The 3 common types of pipes used to replace galvanized are PEX (Cross-linked polyethylene), PVC-CPVC (polyvinyl chloride or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride), or copper pipes. Each pipe type has its own set of pros and cons. 

Something is restricting the water flow to the spout. 

This may be the most common reason for this type of bathtub problem. Something is clogging or restricting the water flow from spouting in your bathtub. Since something is restricting the faucet’s water flow in your bathtub, the water will find other ways to go out or release its pressure when you turn it on. That’s why water comes from the shower head while you turn on your bathtub faucet to fill it. If this is the reason for the “shower rise,” you should remove the blockage by removing the tub spout and feeding a plumber’s snake or a speedometer cable up through the tub drop. The act of feeding it causes it to twirl and loosen the blockage. Be sure to flush the valve before reinstalling the tub spout. Be sure to check the tub spout itself for blockage.

Your showerhead leaks.

One of the reasons for this is that your shower head leaks or leaks. The problem with this is likely because of the issue with the diverter valve, whose main purpose is to divert water from the bathtub faucet to the showerhead and vice versa. 

Too few pipes and too much water pressure

When you go to fill the tub, water may also drip out of the shower head if your system has too high a water pressure. Simply said, the water will have to redirect through the shower head if the water pressure in your plumbing system is higher than the piping in the tub can handle.

How To Fix A Leaking Shower Head?

You can repair this problem by cleaning out debris inside the drain hole. You will also have to remove any hair or other foreign objects that may be stuck there. Once you have cleaned it out, put it back in place and ensure everything is connected properly before turning on the water again.

Problems occur and lead to even bigger problems if not addressed right away.

Filling up a bathtub on a long day of work is relaxing. Sometimes plumbing problems occur, leading to even bigger problems if not addressed immediately. If you notice that water is coming out of your shower head while you are filling the bathtub address, fix it immediately or call a professional plumber to prevent further damage to your water system. There is also an upside to asking a professional for help. Not only will they address your problem right away and make it less. They also help you to be at ease with your mind knowing that your problem will be fixed right away. 

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