Why choose composite exterior wall panels?

Wood-plastic composite exterior wall panels are becoming more and more popular in home decoration because of their sturdy raw materials, variety of styles, durability, good weather resistance, and low maintenance. If you are considering installing composite exterior wall panels for your wall, then this article will be helpful to you.


Although people are spending more of their decorating budget and energy on indoor decoration, the outdoor decoration can enhance the attractiveness of our houses, so the demand for outdoor decoration is also increasing. Many people choose WPC fence to decorate their yards and build private spaces; they choose removable composite planter boxes to grow plants; they choose WPC decking to decorate their garden; they choose wood plastic composite benches to add resting places for outdoor entertainment; they choose wood plastic composite pergolas for shade; they choose wood plastic composite exterior wall panels to protect their exterior walls and decorate their house, etc.

What is cladding?


Cladding is a construction term that refers to the application of one layer of building material to the outside of another building material to protect the original construction. In addition to good weather resistance, the material used for cladding should ideally have good insulation and aesthetic properties.

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What is composite cladding?


Composite cladding is an exterior wall decoration consisting of wood-plastic composite panels made of wood fiber and plastic. All of the raw material is recyclable. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, weather resistance, insulation, and versatility.

When will you need composite exterior wall panels?


Installing WPC wall panels can add more color to your life in the following situations.

  1. Protecting the wall. The most important function of exterior wall panels can be said to be the protection of the exterior wall. The installation of exterior wall panels can protect the wall from the direct impact of the external environment, such as wind, rain, sunlight, etc. on the wall caused by moisture, rain, peeling and a series of problems affecting the aesthetics of the exterior wall.
  2. Enhance the attractiveness and added value of the house. Exterior siding is a kind of wall decoration that is effective and can realize your own design concept. You can enjoy the process of choosing the style and selecting the manufacturer to build a more beautiful appearance for your house.
  3. Reduce the influence of outside temperature inside the house. Wood-plastic composite exterior wall panels can effectively decrease the heat from direct sunlight in the hot summer months.

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