Who Needs Sharps Box Disposal Services?

Used needles and other sharps must be disposed of very carefully, to avoid any issues with puncture wounds, cuts, and other injuries. This is especially important if children and pets are at-risk. But how are sharps disposed of?

The best way to get rid of sharps safely is to use a sharps box disposal service. Companies that offer this service will provide suitable containers, which are collected at agreed-upon intervals. Read on to learn more about who needs this type of service.

Medical Clinics

Medical clinics routinely use hypodermic syringes and others sharps. When you visit a clinic, you will likely spot a sharps container in the consulting room, which will be collected daily or weekly. This ensures sharps are not accidentally discarded with other clinical waste.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes often provide routine medical services to clients, including the administration of medication. There won’t be a large volume of sharps waste generated, so a weekly collection may be sufficient.

Tattoo Parlors

Tattoo parlors use needles as part of the service, which must be discarded after each client. If a tattoo parlor sees a significant number of clients each day, as might be the case with popular studios, there will be a lot of sharps waste generated. As with medical clinics, sharps waste must be disposed of safely, hence why a tattoo studio will normally use a waste collection service.


Many pharmacies offer blood tests and other healthcare services on-site, so sharps disposal containers will be needed.


Diabetics may have to administer insulin to keep their blood sugar levels under control. This involves injecting the insulin, so there will be sharps waste to dispose of. FDA Guidelines state that sharps waste can be placed in a hard plastic container, sealed, and thrown in the general household trash. However, it is worth asking if you can organize a sharps collection from your home – this is often offered for free, with suitable containers provided for diabetics to use.

Always check the sharps disposal guidelines in your area if you use sharps. Guidelines must be followed and it’s never okay to throw sharps into the general trash.

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