Which Programs Are Included in the surfing courses of Cabo San Lucas?

If you like surfing but don’t know how to ride the waves, we will help you learn surfing lessons in Cabo san Lucas. The Cabo San Lucas Surf School offers beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons, so getting used to the waves can improve your skills. Cabot San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are popular surfing destinations and there are many great surfing opportunities for surfers.

You will learn how to catch the perfect waves by the surf lessons Cabo San Lucas. These surf lessons Cabo San Lucas can also be personalized to your individual needs.

Surf lessons for beginners:

If you haven’t surfed before or are still learning, it’s best to take a beginner surfing lesson.


This step is necessary because Firstly, it will calm your nerves, as you could be nervous. Secondly, it prepares your body for surfing in Cabo.

Sand Training

Of course, you will want to jump right into the waves, but the safest way to train is to start on the sand. This lesson strengthens the muscle memory required for surfing.


In short, safety is the top priority for our surfing school. The instructor communicates all safety measures. The Quick Safety Guide includes lessons on how to safely get off the board.


After your first wave, here you can use the acquired skills that you learned in sand drills.


The last part is to train you how to dismount the board.

Surf by yourself

Go surfing alone. Finally, you can catch big waves yourself. After completing these steps successfully, you can hopefully surf on your own.

 Our intermediate Surfing Courses:

If you are used to surfing but want to improve your skills to an advanced level, these surfing lessons are ideal for you.

 Surfing in the waves outside.

This is an area further from the sea where you can explore the white water off the coast where you start surfing. If you are an experienced surfer, big and long waves will tell you how to unwind.

The bottom turn

This smooth but strong turn at the bottom of the wave converts vertical energy into horizontal energy, giving it the speed and direction, it needs to control the wave.

Advanced paddling 

We will teach you advanced tuning techniques to get the most out of your paddle so you can enjoy the waves.

Advanced Surfing Courses:

surf lessons Cabo San Lucas are not just for those learning to surf. If you are already an expert, you can further develop your surfing skills.

Set waves

Some surfers may want to learn how to manage a series of waves that are larger and stronger than the average waves. advice from experienced instructors will help you make the most of these waves.

Riding in the barrel

Every surfer knows that it is of the utmost importance when it comes to surfing. However, our trainer will help you master this skill and make it easier.

 Developing style and tricks 

Surfing style components include wave knowledge, dedication, attitude, and body language. You can develop your unique style with our surf lessons Cabo san Lucas. We can help you master tricks like Turn Down, Snap, 360, Air, Subtract, Foam Climb, Tube Ride, Alley, Curve, Rodeo Flip, and Stone Flip. The lessons will help you gain amazing surfing knowledge.

Kids surfing lessons:

Surfing is the perfect family activity, so your kids must learn to enjoy it too.

Safe environment 

It’s convenient and safe enough for your child to learn and master the basics of surfing while minimizing all risks.


Children learn best when they have fun. This is why our surf lessons for our kids are full of fun activities so that they can learn effectively.

Our other services:

In addition to surfing courses, we also offer surf tours and surf rentals. Whether you are visiting with family or friends We help you get the most out of it. Our Longboards, Shortboards, Boogie boards, and stand-up paddleboards will suit your every need and style.

  • So,if you are looking for surf lessons in Cabo San Lucas, there are several options to discover.
  • Our Lessons Make sure that these are customized to your skills and deliver the best results in the shortest possible time.
  • Our trainers are well prepared for emergencies, no matter what happens.
  • We also offer excellent value for money. Surf schools are a huge success, so you can rely solely on us to help you achieve your surfing goals.

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