Which exam is better than NDA or ACC?

ACC is the acronym for the army cadet college wing and is known as the best possible training soldiers from the Regular Army, Navy and the Air Force commission as an officer into the Indian Army. This is considered to be the best possible opportunity for the soldiers from any wing to join the Army as an officer with the help of components of equipment procedure. To pass this particular examination it is very much advisable for people to indulge in the right kind of NDA coaching or Army coaching throughout the process.

 On the other hand, NDA examination is conducted by UPSC twice a year and only 12th passed students can go with the option of applying for this particular course that has completed PCM and has passed the class with 60% at least. This is also a two or three-stage process which will be categorised into written examination, SSB interview and medical examination. If the individuals are interested to clear this particular examination on the very first attempt and they should always go with the option of indulging in the right kind of practising and coaching aspects so that there is no chance of any kind of issue throughout the process.

The very basic eligibility for the ACC examination has been explained as:

Candidates must have cleared 10+2 class or equivalent and additionally, the candidate should also have qualified for the SSB written test as well as SSB interview in this particular case. The selection process can be perfectly categorised into the written test, SSB interview and the SSB interview is the five-day procedure which has been explained as follows:

  1. Day one will be based upon ACC entry in which the screening of the intelligence test will be carried out to go through the psychological testing systems of the candidates. It can be further categorised into the intelligence test and the picture perception as well as the description test.
  2. Day two will be based upon SSB for ACC entry and the psychologist here will be assessing the personality of the individuals with the help of given inputs into the answer sheets during the examination. This particular examination will be all about the mind of the individuals as well as the thought process which is the main reason that candidates need to be very much confident in this particular case.
  3. Day three and four will be based upon performing the activity of GTO along with the personal interview
  4. Day five will be based upon ACC entry and this is also divided into two parts which will be stage one of the interview and the conference. If the candidates pass the last day which means the fifth day, then they have to undergo a medical test and before going to this particular as people need to undertake the premedical test into any kind of hospital to make sure that they are fit as per the army standards.

On the other hand, if the individuals are interested to appear in the NDA examination, then depending upon the right kind of expert at BYJU’s Exam prep is the best possible approach of clearing it in the very first attempt. Further talking about the differences between both of these systems and SSB interview there is no such difference between both of them. NDA and ACC candidates can significantly go through the same procedure and everything about the interview procedure has been mentioned above for the cases of SSB in both of these cases. Hence, the better opportunity in both of them will always depend upon the interest and personality of the candidates so that they can apply for the correct exam and can succeed in their future very easily and efficiently.

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