Where to Get the Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is not only the American city with the highest historical significance, but it also contains a lot of fascinating features. It is the birthplace of the first stock exchange, first business school, first electronic computer, and first hospital in the United States. It offers a whole other level of living experience here and isn’t just a tourist trap. Philadelphia Houses for Sale are less expensive than that of the majority of large American cities. You can find the ideal combination of small-town community and big-city opportunities in Philadelphia. Find out where to get the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia by reading on. 

Dalessandro’s Steak and Hoagies

For more than 50 years, Dalessandro’s has been dishing up amazing cheesesteaks and hoagies in the Roxborough neighborhood of the city, on Henry Avenue. They place a strong emphasis on serving steaks that have been prepared to order. Dalessandro’s stands out among the city’s establishments that provide traditional cheesesteaks. Here, the steaks are cooked to a tenderness without being greasy. They set themselves apart by employing sizable, strongly flavorful bits of fried onion. Here, wiz wit is the finest option. A common addition for many locals is marinara dipping sauce.

Pat’s King of Steaks

Pat’s King of Steaks, which bears the name of the self-described cheesesteak’s originator Pat Olivieri, is where most visitors begin their Philadelphia cheesesteak tour. For those who enjoy steak, the small white shack at 9th and Passyunk might be their holy grail. But because of the cross-street competition with Geno’s, it attracts more tourists than locals. The steak at Pat’s is delicious. Having a cheesesteak where it all began is good, even though there are nicer ones in the city.

Geno’s Steaks

Although Geno’s Steaks is located directly across from the oldest cheesesteak restaurant in the area, Pat’s, Geno’s Steaks has long engaged Pat’s in a friendly competition, going roll for roll for many years. The secret to the 24/7 spot’s success? The freshest onions, premium rib-eye steak that has been thinly sliced for optimum juiciness, and homemade bread. Oh, and the neon lights that entice curious onlookers make it impossible to overlook.

John’s Roast Pork

John’s knows its cheesesteaks, which is surprising for a restaurant with the word “roast pork” in the name. John’s Roast Pork, a low-slung luncheonette in a sea of retail centers, is frequently mentioned as one of the best steakhouses in the city. Secret weapon of it? a seeded roll with a crust from Carangi’s Bakery. Since it originally opened in 1930, South Philadelphia dock workers and contractors have flocked to John’s for the best cheesesteaks in the city, but when it won the James Beard Award for Culinary Excellence, the broader public became more aware of it. Don’t forget to try the roast pork sandwich that bears the restaurant’s name if you have room. Bonus: John’s can be mailed.

Tony and Nick’s Steaks

Tony and Nick’s Steaks, which was formerly Tony Luke’s first eatery, serves delicious sandwiches. Come to the restaurant for a tried-and-true cheesesteak that can be ordered via a takeout window and enjoyed around picnic-style tables or while on the go. It is located on Oregon Avenue in South Philadelphia, not far from an I-95 overpass.

Cosmi’s Deli 

While having the appearance of a little corner market, Cosmi’s Deli is renowned for its cheesesteaks. Together with its hoagies and roast pork sandwiches, this tiny corner shop in South Philadelphia has received a lot of attention for its interpretation of the well-known Philadelphia staple. Each bite of the three sandwiches, which are all made using long hoagie rolls from the renowned Sarcone’s Bakery, is fresh, soft, and stuffed full of meat.

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