What’s next for online gambling in 2021?

The coronavirus has changed many aspects of our lives. However, some industries have profited immensely from this new situation. Online gambling is such an industry. People spend a lot of time on their mobile devices playing all kinds of games. Online casinos are expected to dominate the gambling industry in the next few years, along with the latest technological updates.

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of online casinos increased significantly, by an estimated 13%. Online gambling is expected to grow faster than anticipated before COVID. And the industry is expected to surpass $ 92 billion in 2023.

New online gambling formats

The modern world is constantly changing as a result of scientific breakthroughs and inventions. Familiar life areas, for example, medicine or engineering, have changed beyond recognition over the past 20 years under the information technology influence. These changes have not spared the entertainment sector and, in particular, online gambling. Here are the most significant and interesting innovations that are gradually gaining a popularity:

  • AR and VR. Augmented reality and virtual reality have brought big changes to the gambling industry. Online casinos use these technologies to improve the player’s So, users will be able to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay. Thanks to AR and VR players can visit casinos, play whatever games they want, and interact with other players.
  • Live dealer games. Casino players are always looking for new ways to spend their time and enjoy the games. And live casinos allow users to fully enjoy the best and most luxurious casinos from the comfort of their home.
  • Branded video slots. Exclusive games, of course, arouse increased interest among players, because they have high quality performance and a fascinating storyline. Video slots based on popular TV series and comics, legendary films and books will be in high demand.
  • Slots with skill elements. With such an extension of gambling entertainment, the slots format needed a change. And in the new skill-based games, players have to figure out quests, but this doesn’t give a win, but starts the reel or rolls the dice with a chance to win real money. Or you have to use a virtual slingshot and shoot down a zombie cat using a dog in police This is a slot that doesn’t look like a slot.

The competition between online casinos is high, especially between brands. Gambling content plays a significant role in the successful operation of an online casino, this is why it is so important to provide users with various gambling entertainment. Online platforms should have more extensive and interesting offerings in order to attract potential players. The development of the entire online gambling industry can be traced to the example of successful web casinos such as Shangri La. The site appeared in 2016 and began to actively gain popularity. At its launch, the portal offered online slots, live dealer games and traditional sports betting. Over time, the range of games has expanded and new formats have appeared. There are over 2 000 games available today, most of which have a demo version. The site has a good selection of scratchcards, slots with skill elements, games with odds bets and more.

The livecasino catalog contains several dozen tables with different bet limits. Also there are some interesting game shows such as the Wheel of Fortune and even Monopoly. The quality of games itself has improved significantly, more cameras and useful functions have appeared.

In the sportsbook section, you can now place bets on virtual events and e-sports, both pre-match and live.

Users are also attracted by the developed bonus system and many options for replenishment and withdrawal of funds. For active players, the site hosts tournaments, the prize funds of which reach several thousand dollars.

Mobile gambling

Smartphones are taking over every industry in the world, including mobile gambling. And the potential growth of this branch is 58%. This is because mobile devices now have better features, including a wider screen, more memory, better internet connectivity, faster processors, and many more. So, online casinos make the most of these features by creating mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps. So, at the beginning of 2021, the Shangri La Casino and Sports web platform launched its own mobile application. All games of the main site and full functionality are available here. The application starts quickly and requires a minimum of resources.

New ways to deposit and withdraw funds

Many online casinos now accept cryptocurrency payments. And some gambling sites offer welcome bonuses for blockchain players. Moreover, in 2021, some casinos will accept only cryptocurrency payments. In addition, the implementation of blockchain will increase trust between casinos and their players. The blockchain system allows operators to recover records and players to have access to their transactions in order to confirm that they are paying or to make sure there are no unusual activities.

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