What is the Most Durable Type of Vograce Acrylic Keychain Sticker?

There are many different materials used to make these accessories. Some of them are 304 stainless steel, MMA, BPO, PET shells, and more. These materials are designed to be durable, but they’re not indestructible. If you’re looking for something durable, you’ll want to know which material your keychain sticker is made from. The company has a reputation for high-quality custom products. Their products are guaranteed to arrive on time and are durable. They have over three decades of experience in this industry and are committed to customer support. You can contact them to discuss the design and materials best suit your needs.

Custom candy keychain

Vograce is a renowned brand in the world. It is a professional Animation peripheral customized enterprise with over 200 employees, a production area of 6000 square meters, and over 100 pieces of equipment. It is well known for producing custom keychains, stickers, pins, badges, and tote bags. With its wide range of products, Vograce can meet your custom requirements and provide high-quality products at competitive prices.

Vograce is an excellent choice for personalized candy keychains. Not only do these keychains look great, but they can also be used for everyday wear or special occasions. The company also offers a variety of options for customization, such as adding your brand logo. They are highly adaptable and environmentally friendly. You can get a wide selection of different colours, sizes, and designs.

304 stainless steel

Unlike traditional keychains, Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are made of 304 stainless steel and are crafted from scratch-resistant acrylic plastic. The keychains are shipped by aeroplanes and freight ships, so there is little chance of them getting damaged. And since they are made of stainless steel and acrylic, they can last for years without needing replacement.

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are made from acrylic material, which makes up more than 60% of its products. Acrylic is a versatile and eco-friendly material that can be coloured, cut, and molded into any shape. It is also long-lasting and scratch-resistant, making it perfect for advertising, decorations, and anime accessories. The acrylic material is also odourless and durable and can be printed in various vibrant colours and designs.

The 304 stainless steel loop used in Vograce acrylic keychain stickers is a high-quality material that is lightweight, strong, and durable. It is also affordable to produce. The acrylic keychain factory uses this material for various products, including keychains, lanyards, and more. It can be clear, frosted, coloured, epoxy-coated, or even gold-plated.


Vograce is an anime peripheral product manufacturer and offers an assortment of custom-printed acrylic products, including acrylic keychain stickers and charms. Acrylic products are famous for their flexibility and durability, which makes them an excellent choice for advertising promotional gifts, anime accessories, and more. They are also odourless, colourful, and eco-friendly. You can choose from various shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Vograce acrylic keychains are made from transparent PET film and are printed on a particular substrate. They are produced using professional UV printing methods and feature smooth, delicate edges with excellent transparency. Vograce also offers 3D-printed acrylic keychains that feature glitter and epoxy to make them extra special.

These acrylic keychains are scratch-resistant, long-lasting, and odour-free. However, they are not biodegradable, meaning they cannot be recycled. They must either be disposed of or recycled. This will increase the amount of energy used to recycle them, harming the environment.


Acrylic is the most commonly used material in Vograce products. More than 60% of all Vograce products are made from acrylic. They are durable, eco-friendly, and odourless. They can be printed in bright colours and cut into any shape.

Vograce acrylic key chains are scratch-resistant and long-lasting. However, they are not biodegradable, reusable, or compostable. This means that when they become obsolete, you will have to discard them or recycle them. The latter process requires additional energy and further damages the environment.

Vograce acrylic keychains are available in single-sided and double-sided versions. They are also available with a gold or silver edge and UV-printed with a design. Vograce offers a heavy discount for larger orders. These products also come in different colours to match different accessories.

Vograce acrylic keychain sticker BPO features the highest durability. This material is recyclable. It contains the essential elements found in the earth, including iron ore, silicon, chromium, nickel, carbon, manganese, and manganese. This material does not produce toxic runoff or is made from petroleum.

PET shells

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are eco-friendly, durable and scratch resistant. They are also biodegradable and bio-friendly. In addition, they are scratch resistant, bright, and odourless. They are perfect for advertising promotional gifts, anime accessories, and home decoration. They are also customizable, with an infinite range of colour combinations and shapes.

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers come in a variety of styles. Their shaker keychain, for example, looks like a candy bar. They come in metal, wooden, and glass-coloured acrylics and can be customized to fit a person’s style. Vograce also offers custom 3D-printed acrylic keychains.

Vograce custom-made acrylic keychain stickers are made of high-quality acrylic. They can be customized with your logo, text, or photo. Vograce acrylic keychains are lightweight and can be customized to fit your needs and personality. Moreover, they are customizable in colour, shape, and design.

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are available at affordable prices. They come in a variety of shapes, colours, and weights. Moreover, they can be customized for a unique, personalized look. And best of all, you can choose the one that suits you best. Whether you choose the classic or personalized keychain, Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are affordable and high quality. The best part is that they ship fast and are available at discounted prices.


Custom stickers are great for businesses that want a unique product look. With Vograce, you can choose from various designs, including holographic and washi tape stickers. These stickers can be easily removed without leaving any residue behind, and they will not fade or peel. And because Vograce uses advanced printing technology, your stickers will last for years.

Personalized keychains are a fun and affordable way to spread the word about your brand. They can be used for marketing, fundraisers, and personal use, making them an ideal choice for a low budget. Custom keychains are a great way to spread the word about your brand while allowing your target audience to interact with you engagingly.


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