What Do General Contractors Do? A Guide

There are over 36,000 general contractors in the US. 

If you’ve struggled with a home DIY project, there’s a good chance you’ve rung up a local general contractor. It’s a much better and easier option than taking a trip to the hardware store to figure things out yourself. 

The general contractor may have put down new wooden flooring or fixed a leak in your bathroom. But what do general contractors do, really?

Below is a guide on what general contractors do and who they are. Trust us, we can’t live without them!

Who Is A General Contractor?

In the most simple explanation, a general contractor is an individual who oversees, plans, and coordinates a construction project. They’re the individual who enters the agreement with the paying party. 

Several types of contractors fall under the umbrella of a general contractor, such as local or building contractors. They each have their own unique set of duties, and these duties are typically determined by the company they work for and/or the type of work they’re doing. 

What Do General Contractors Do?

Aside from the general definition, let’s get into more specific general contractor duties. 

The general contractor is the one you’ll directly speak to when you need a project completed. They’ll listen to your vision, list any current obstacles they’ll need to deal with, etc. 

Once they understand the job, they’ll pull together a team if needed. They’ll relay the information you provided. 

They also oversee the team on the job, including the safety of the team. If someone is injured on the job, they’re the ones to handle it. (Make sure any general contractor you hire has proper licensure and health insurance.)

Can I Become A General Contractor?

Do you like independent work? Are you quick with your mind and good with your hands? 

If so, becoming a general contractor might just be the best option for you! There are a few not-so-great parts of the job, such as these tax challenges for general contractors, but overall, it’s a rewarding job. 

Check with your state’s criteria for becoming a general contractor. Most states require proof of insurance, fingerprinting, an exam, and an application. 

You’ll also want to decide what type of general contractor you’d like to become and learn any necessary information and skills to support it. 

The 411 On General Contractors

General contractors are all around us, making sure the job gets done. But have you ever wondered, “Wait, what do general contractors do? Like, really?”

The above guide gives a peek into the dynamic role of general contractors. They’re individuals with handy skills, sharp eyes, and incredible leadership skills. Make sure to contact your local general contractor if you need help with a project at home. 

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