What are the three main types of T Shirt Printing?

T-shirt printing has long been practiced in different parts of the world and many successful businesses have started printing T-shirts at home. Silk screen printing is the first and oldest method of T-shirt printing that is still used. T-shirt printing is one of the biggest parts of the clothing industry because T-shirts are used by people of all ages and genders in all seasons.

Types of T-shirt printing methods

There are three main ways to print a T-shirt, screen printing, thermal printing, and digital shirt printing. Color sublimation, sublimation, and vinyl cutting are other methods of t-shirt printing that you may have heard of. Although each of these printing methods has its advantages, silk screen printing is the most popular t-shirt printing method.

Silk screen T-shirt printing

In the above part, you are somewhat familiar with silk screen printing. One of the reasons that silk screen printing is so popular is because of the high quality of the final result. The ink used in silk T-shirt printing is thicker than other types and is more durable and its colors are more colorful and brighter. If you decide to use silk screen printing on bus driver T shirts, be sure to get quality inks.

There are many substandard and poor quality inks on the market that make the printed design clear quickly and have a bad feeling underneath that give the final product a cheap and low quality look. If your business is like this, print bulk T-shirts on a regular basis, silk screen printing is the best choice for you.

T-shirt thermal printing

In short, thermal printing uses a heat press to melt the design on the T-shirt. Thermal T-shirt printing is widely used by young people who have a clothing business or people who have just started printing T-shirts because it is more economical to buy the machine and its basic accessories than other printing methods.

In thermal printing, the first design T-shirt is printed digitally on a heat transfer paper, also known as a heat transfer vinyl. This paper is placed on the T-shirt and the heat press machine is placed on it and the design is melted from the paper on the T-shirt.

Thermal printing requires less raw materials and space than silk screen printing and has a much cleaner process. Contrary to popular belief, T-shirt thermal printing can be of high quality, but it depends on the type of press, the type of ink and the method of use.

Digital T-shirt printing

Digital T-shirt printing is the newest method among the three. Digital printing uses modern technology to print ink directly onto T-shirts. The digital printing on the truck driver T shirt is of high quality and shows the colors very well, and the final design under the hand is smooth and soft.

With digital printing, you can print any design you want, and thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it can print millions of high-resolution colors. Although digital printing is high quality, it can be very costly. The price of a digital printer and its ink is high, which is why digital T-shirt printing is suitable for businesses that have a long-term plan and can afford these costs.

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