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What are the Pros and Cons of a Contested Divorce?

Divorce is never an easy decision to make, and in many cases, it involves a lot of emotional stress for both parties. A contested divorce occurs when one party disagrees with the other’s requests or decisions during a marriage. This type of divorce can be lengthy and complicated, so before entering into such proceedings, it’s important to consider all your options as well as the potential pros and cons. 

A divorce lawyer Birmingham can help you identify whether contested divorce is necessary in your case. It is also essential to seek the legal assistance of a divorce lawyer if you choose to contest your divorce.

Let us now see the main pros and cons of a contested divorce.

Pros of a Contested Divorce: 

  1. More control over the results: Contested divorces offer more control over the outcome, such as the distribution of marital property and child custody arrangements. 
  2. Fairness: A contested divorce can ensure that both parties are treated fairly and that all legal agreements made in the divorce process will be agreeable to both spouses. 
  3. Legal representation: Both parties have access to legal counsel, allowing them to protect their rights and interests during the divorce proceedings. 
  4. Closure: A contested divorce can allow both parties to receive closure on the marriage, helping with emotional healing following the dissolution of their union. 

Cons of a Contested Divorce:

  1. Stressful process: The lengthier and more complex process of a contested divorce can be emotionally draining for both parties. 
  2. Expensive: Contested divorces can be expensive, as each party is responsible for paying their own legal fees and other associated costs. 
  3. Time-consuming: Due to the complexity of the process, a contested divorce may take months or even years to complete, during which time the parties are still legally married. 
  4. Unpredictable results: Despite the fact that a contested divorce allows for more control over the end result, there’s no guarantee that both parties will agree on the outcome, leaving the possibility of further litigation and additional costs. 

Divorce can be difficult and confusing, so make sure to seek out all resources before making a decision that could have long-lasting implications. Consulting with qualified professionals and understanding the pros and cons of a contested divorce can help you move forward with confidence.

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