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What Are the Different Types of Beanie Babies That Exist Today?

In the late ’90s, one man killed a co-worker over a dispute about a Beanie Babie trade. That was when Ty products were exploding in value and people bought them as investments.

Of the millions of Beanie Babies floating around today, though, there are only a few that are worth significant amounts of money. Most are worth a few dollars, give or take.

It’s good to know the different types of Beanie Babies just in case you come across a valuable one, though. We’re going to look at this exciting niche of the toy industry, giving you some insight into the Beanie Baby types and what they mean in 2022.

Let’s get started.

What Are The Different Types of Beanie Babies?

The categories of Beanie Babies are highly varied. A lot of the different lines correspond to cultural events, popular artists, and more. The bulk of the products included fun and creative takes on different animals.

There are thousands of Beanie Babies on the market. They were created sometime between 1993 and 2008, and each stuffed animal was created with deliberate scarcity.

Product scarcity contributes to the healthy collector’s market that surrounds these products.

The two primary distinctions to make are normal-sized and large-sized. Beyond size, there are only vague classifications that have to do with production year, animal choice, and whether or not the item in question is a true “Ty Beanie Baby.”

To understand the value of your Beanie Babies, however, you don’t want to think so much in terms of categories as characteristics of valuable designs.


Scarcity is the driving force behind all of Beanie Babies’ current value.

Beanie Babies that weren’t made in high quantities are the ones to look out for. For example, sets of the first Beanie Babies to enter circulation tend to be pretty rare. Humphrey the Camel, Legs the Frog, or Squealer the Pig, for example, are valuable additions to the first round of production.

Other products were made for particular purposes and weren’t set into circulation. Employee the Bear, for example, was created for Ty employees of the time, and only 300 exist in circulation.


Another factor that makes certain Beanie Babies more valuable is the printing of the tag. There are rare sets of different Babies with misspelled names or other idiosyncrasies that increase their value.

It’s wise to talk with a Beanie Baby expert about finding these misprinted toys. The errors might be hard to notice. You wouldn’t even think twice about them if you didn’t know what you were looking for.

A Beanie Baby expert can help you find interested buyers if you have anything of value. If a Beanie Baby is worth $5,000 to someone, it doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to find the person who’s looking to buy.

Want to Learn More About The Toy Industry?

If you want to pick up the collecting hobby, knowing about the different types of Beanie Babies is essential. There’s more to learn about the process of collecting and selling, though.

We’re here to help. Explore our site for more ideas on finding the best Beanie Babies, exploring investment options, financial management, and much more.

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