What are The Best Approaches for an Entire Body Reset


If you have been feeling tired, sluggish, or any other symptoms of what feels like an impending cold these days, there are a few things you can do to get back on track. One of the most important things is to give your immune system a boost and it can be done in just a few minutes.

In today’s article we are going to be covering three different approaches that will help reboot your body and get you fighting fit against whatever might come your way in the form of sickness or fatigue.

Benefits of Entire Body Reset:

Keep in mind that the following approaches are not intended to replace proper nutrition, restoration health and regular exercise, but is intended as a quick way to give your body a boost.

Benefits that can be experienced include:

Increase in energy and alertness.

Better immune system response, which will help fight against any potential sickness.

Clearer skin and stronger nails.

Better sleep patterns throughout the night and better quality of sleep at night.

Increased focus, drive, and motivation (note this may interfere with other medications so consult your doctor first).

Reduced psychological stress.

Increased energy and energy levels.

Increased metabolism, which may allow for a slight weight loss (10 -15 lbs).

Accelerates muscle growth, particularly during training sessions or intense exercise.

Strengthens tendons and ligaments.

What are The Best Approaches for an Entire Body Reset?

1) The first method is what we call the “Immune Boosting Tea”.

The best part of this is that it takes only minutes and you can prepare it right at home, so this will be applicable in all situations where you need to boost your immune system.

It is a very simple method, but can also be quite effective.

2) The second method is what we call the Carb-Up, which is a fairly old style of program (circa 1970s or 1980s) that has not seen the amount of interest that others have had in recent years.

It involves consuming a very large quantity of “carbs” and this brings about a surge in energy, followed by many other benefits.

3) The third method is called “The Ultimate Body Cleanse” and it does need to be followed for three days before you start feeling any affects from it. If you do it on day one, it will not really have an effect at all.

This is why we recommend you start from day one and to stick with the program for three days before working your way up to day four.

4) The fourth method is one that will allow you to reset your body on a more permanent basis. This can be done by changing your diet and eating healthier foods, as well as incorporating regular exercise and getting up at least once every hour during the day.

You can also take cold (rather than hot) showers, drink plenty of water/tea etc.

This is not just for restoration health purposes either, it will also help your appearance and allow you to look better than ever before. Use this “formula” and you should see an increase in both energy levels as well as physical appearance.


With these four methods you can quickly and easily reboot your body (restoration health), which will allow you to better fight off the cold or any other illness. If your entire body is rebooted, you will also be able to better handle stress (mental or physical) and this will help keep your immune system strong for many years to come. You can also use these methods if you want to reset at any time during the year, and on a regular basis if you wish to ensure that your body is always as strong as possible and will respond adequately at all times.

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