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Ways To File An Australian Student Visa Application Successfully

Hoping to build a career in Australia after completing your degree course there? That’s so wise of you to take such a decision because of the preference shown by international students towards Australia for studies as well as professional career. However, to successfully start your career, you will need to have a valid student visa. Just like all the international students, you will also need a student visa subclass 500 that will allow to stay and study in Australia for the entire duration of your course.

How will you make your application for student visa 500?

Now, you have the easiest option to apply for visa is via online. Here are the general criteria which are to be met to complete a valid application.

  1. You must complete the online form and then pay the application fee which is some hundred Australian Dollars. The payment will include VISA credit card surcharge.
  2. You must provide evidence that you have got enrolled in your desired course of study. The evidence can be in the form of a COE (confirmation of enrolment) or offer letter from the university (this is applicable if you’re already inside Australia)
  3. Are you under 18 years of age? Then, you have to provide evidence that your living, support and welfare are arranged by your parents or local guardian.
  4. This is very important point to note. If you’re applying for visa subclass 500, sitting inside Australia, you must hold a substantive temporary visa. You cannot apply for it if you hold temporary visas like Domestic Worker Visa Subclass 426. Diplomatic Visa Subclass 995, Transit Visa Subclass 771 or a Temporary Work Visa Subclass 403.
  5. If your student visa gets expired, (on rare occasion, before your study course ends) you can still apply for a new student visa within 28 days after the termination of your previous visa.

How will you complete the online form?

You can easily download the subclass 500 student visa application form from the website. Prior to your application, you should first approach your institute to obtain a confirmation of enrolment or COE or offer letter. It will confirm your selection into the chosen course. The registration of the course should be under CRICOS or Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses. An online code for COE will be given to you which you will enter in the appropriate section in the online visa application.

You may wish to change your course at a certain point of time. Well, of course you can. After all, it will be your career. Don’t worry, you can do it happily, with the same visa. But that course should be at the same higher level of study like Master’s to PhD. You will need to change your visa, only if you want to change your course either to a lower level on the Australian Qualification Framework or AQF or to a non-AQF level course. However, if you change from PhD to Master’s then this implementation is not at all applicable.

What documents will you need to complete your application?

We’ve already discussed about the requirements in short but here is given a detailed list of documents that you will need to submit for the completion of the application.

  1. Completed application form: The form is numbered 157A where you have to carefully fill all the information.
  2. Payment information: The payment information will be uploaded as soon as you complete the payment at the last stage of application
  3. Identity proof: For a foreign national, the valid identity proof will be the passport. It contains bio-data pages, copies of which you have to submit. Other than passport, you keep your home country identity cards as well. Apart from that, copies of passport-sized photos will be required.
  4. COE: You have to give the certificate or enrolment or the offer letter which you receive from the university. This will confirm that you indeed got enrolled to a certain course that is registered under CRICOS.
  5. Proof of sufficient funds: You need to provide evidence of sufficient funds like income certificates which will show that whether you can provide for yourself or not.
  6. Health insurance cover: You must have evidence of a health insurance cover which is Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC, as per Australian government rules.
  7. English proficiency test results: Results remain valid for a certain period of time (2 years or 3 years). They also vary depending on study levels you want to get enrolled.
  8. Character requirements: You must have a good character and you need to show evidence for that too. Character test results and police clearance certificate will be enough. A visa consultant Adelaide can help you regarding this.

What conditions you have to obey after getting your visa?

Once you get your student visa, you need to obey certain conditions, so that your visa cannot get expired before your course ends.

  1. Condition 8105: You can work while studying, but the working hours should not exceed 40 hours per fortnight.
  2. Condition 8202: Keep enrolled in the study course for a full time.
  3. Condition 8501: During your time in Australia, you must maintain the OSHC.
  4. Condition 8516: Are you the main applicant of your visa? Then, you must be abide by all the conditions to be granted a visa.
  5. Condition 8533: You must give your residential address to your Australian university.

In the end

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