Use Seat Belts to Stay Safe on the Road!

Are you sinking into your car seat as you settle in for a joyride? Don’t forget to wear that seat belt!

The law stipulates everyone aboard a car must wear seatbelts. Though you swelter on a summer drive or struggle to pass over the snacks to your friends, you have no choice but to wear them. Make sure you use them well too – they can save your life.

A person not wearing one a beltway faces grave consequences when met with road disasters. There are quite a few possibilities of what could happen to you without a seat belt on. You may bump into other passengers, collide with the car interiors, or, worst case, bounce out of the vehicle. Request a car insurance quote and purchase a policy that best suits your needs.

Take help of car insurance online to stay equipped for unforeseen road incidents. Having a policy for sure helps you save some cash stashed in your account. Your insurer may help you recover car fixing expenses but could anybody lessen the pain and trauma that you and your passengers have been through? No right! Reminding all the passengers of the dangers associated with not wearing this protective gear would help. Always wear a seat belt We want to ensure the safety of both the driver and the passengers. So, here we attempt to list a few responsibilities to reduce the risk factors or avert injuries in case of a car crash.

  • The foremost rule says whether the vehicle is in motion or stationary all passengers on board are expected to wear seat belts unless the car is parked.
  • The driver must ensure every person traveling has their seat belts intact and suitable child restraints in when young children are included as passengers. The driver must take additional caution regarding child security.

Some people have nurtured a few delusions about seat belts over time. Even after knowing the simple fact that passengers who don’t wear seatbelts are more prone to injuries and fatality, still, people harbor doubts regarding the seat belt purpose.

Myth: if I wear a seat belt, I would be trapped and left with no way to escape in times of emergency.

Fact: That is a false notion. It is observed that in most of the gruesome car accidents, the seatbelts have guarded the passengers. Travelers are more likely to be conscious so they can get out of the vehicle after a collision.

Myth: Seatbelts don’t allow you to be thrown clear.

Fact: Suppose you are thrown out of the vehicle, you are more susceptible to terrible injuries or mortality. You need to get this point straight in your head.

Myth: Do I need to wear a seatbelt when out for short road trips?

Fact: Remember, the accident data and statistics have proven most car collisions occur within a 5-kilometer radius of home.


Car insurance online supports your car safety, but take care of your family and friends traveling along with you. You never know if a peaceful journey is guaranteed as you drive. Request a best car insurance quote and buy a policy to keep your ride covered at the least.

You never know if a peaceful journey is guaranteed as you drive. Request a car insurance quote and buy a policy to keep your ride covered in the least.

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