Tyre Care Essentials – What You Should or Shouldn’t Do

Tyres have an important role in ensuring our safety on the roads. Tyres ascertain that the vehicles running on them are stable, have good grip, and are well balanced. It is imperative that you invest wisely in tyres and keep them well-maintained. If in UAE, you can purchase from Pro TyresTyre care directly impacts your safety. Also, proper tyre care prolongs your tyre life.

The Do’s of Tyre Care

Here are some essentials of tyre care that you should know:

Right Tyre Pressure

Make sure that you have inflated the tyres to the recommended pressure. Your vehicle will consume more fuel and tyres will damage if the tyres are underinflated. In the case of overinflated tyres, the tyres are at risk of a blowout and lead to bumpy rides. Check tyre pressure to ensure correct tyre pressure.

Tyre Rotation

Manufacturers recommend tyre rotation after a certain number of miles. Tyre rotation ensures uniform tyre wear so your tyres last longer.

Wheel Alignment

See that you periodically check your wheel alignment. This is crucial because misaligned wheels can make your car harder to control, and cause tyre wear and car vibrations. If you hit the curb, a speed breaker or a pothole at high speed can lead to alignment problems and tyre damage.

Timely Replacement

It is imperative that when the time comes, you timely get a tyre replacement. Replace tyres according to the recommended time.

Wheel Balancing

Tyre manufacturers recommend a wheel balancing check or fixed if needed, after certain mileage intervals. Your tyres will wear unevenly, will fail to rotate symmetrically, and cause vibrations.

The Don’ts of Tyre Care

Here are a few things that you should avoid in tyre maintenance:

Get Wheel Alignment Checked on All Tyres

See that you get the alignment of all tyres checked and not the front wheels only.

Don’t Reinflate Tyres to Deal with Regular Pressure Loss

See that you don’t re-inflate tyres again and again if you experience regular pressure loss. Get your tyres inspected.

Follow the Leal Tread Depth

Do not use tyres that are worn out and their tread depth falls below the legal constraint.

Avoid Climbing Curbs

See that you don’t climb curbs to park the car. This can disrupt the loss of wheel alignment.

Careful driving During Rain

During rain, see that you keep the speed down because slippery roads affect the tyre’s traction which leads to skidding. It is best to invest in winter tyres that can deal with wet and snowy roads.

Don’t Try to Correct Problem Yourself

In case your tyre gets damaged by a glass piece or nail, see that you don’t try to pull out the glass piece or nail yourself. Take your car for inspection and go to a professional tyre dealer.

Don’t Do Rash Driving 

When you are on a gravel road, see that you keep the speed down. Sharp rocks, stones, and rough conditions can cause damage to the tyre. Tyres can get seriously damaged if you drive at excessive speed over them.

Tyres form your safety foundation on the UAE roads as the hot weather can also take a toll on tyre health. Check out continental tyres Dubai to get tyres most suitable according to the UAE weather.

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