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Tree Care 101: The Importance of Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover some of the damage caused by trees on your property. However, if that damage is deemed “gradual,” you may be on your own.

Gradual damage refers to damage caused by problems that could have been solved earlier. Tree pruning is the kind of necessary maintenance that can prevent gradual damage, protecting your property, your loved ones, and your wallet.

How does tree pruning prevent gradual damage? Why is this the kind of preventative maintenance that you should stay on top of?

Read on to learn more about the importance of The Local Tree Expert.

Tree Pruning Prevents Decay and Collapse

Tree health is an important part of protecting your property. A decaying or diseased tree can fall or become hollow, spread disease to surrounding trees, and cause costly damage.

Tree pruning services like the one you’ll find at Treeserviceraleigh.org can assess the state of your trees and remove dead branches and diseased branches. This will keep individual branches (and entire trees) from reaching the point of decay that leads to broken, falling limbs.

Tree Pruning Improves Structural Soundness

When you prune a tree, another goal is to improve the structural soundness of the tree as a whole. Trees are incredibly self-sustaining but that doesn’t mean that they always exhibit beneficial growth patterns.

Trees can develop too much growth on one side, causing them to lean. They can also become too top-heavy or start to grow branches that are rubbing against one another. All of these growth patterns can compromise the structural soundness of your tree.

By pruning back any problem areas, tree pruning experts can ensure that your trees are far less likely to fall or break apart.

Tree Pruning Encourages Healthy Growth

Tree pruning isn’t just a process of preventative maintenance. It is also a proactive way to encourage healthy growth so that your trees can continue to thrive year after year. How does this work?

One example is the removal of excess or decaying limbs before the fall season. In the fall, trees lose their leaves and need to conserve the energy they usually receive from photosynthesis. When you prune back your trees, each tree can focus its energy on preserving the healthiest growth, rather than trying to heal or preserve problem areas.

Another example is the pruning of fruit trees. Pruning a fruit tree at the end of the winter means that in the spring, the tree can use more energy to produce fruit, rather than to maintain excess branches.

Hire Tree Pruning Services to Prevent Gradual Damage

We tend to assume that when accidents occur on our property, our homeowner’s insurance will cover it. However, if that damage was caused by neglected trees, you may be out of luck. Tree pruning is both a preventative and proactive way to keep your trees strong, healthy, and accident-free.

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