Trade Nation Broker Review 2021 – Should You Go For it?

Are you in a query that whether you should go for Trade Nation Broker or not? If yes, don’t sweat it because we have got you back with a thorough yet comprehensive review of Trade Nation broker.

If you are not a veteran, you would feel that the most difficult thing in your career is finding a legit and reliable broker that suits your trading style. Yes, you are right, but we are here to help you, and with our assistance, it will be super easy for you to determine your thoughts about Trade Nation broker.

So, let’s get straight into it:

Introduction to Trade Nation Broker 

Trade Nation was demonstrated in 2014 under the trademark handle Core Spreads. This was ultimately modified to Trade Nation in 2019 as a trading provider with productions and favors for online foreign exchange and CFD trading. The broker has branches in the UK, Australia, South Africa, and the Bahamas.

If you are not living in any of these countries, you might think that this is not the best option for you. Well, this choice depends on you, but for most countries, a Trade Nation broker is a legit broker that any trader or investor can use as a broker.

Leverage (Is it Well Enough)

Leverage is probably the most important factor on which a broker’s sales and purchases are dependent. If a broker is offering higher leverage than its competitors, then there is a solid possibility that it will stand first.

This is because almost every trader wants high leverage. If a broker is not offering higher leverage, fewer traders will come at its door. Got?

Trade Nation is giving leverage up to 1200, opening the forex market for Retail merchants with a relatively low or negligible first deposit to substitute margins. The use of leverage can elaborate income, but you should consistently remember that losses can similarly exceed your first deposit. There are two conditions:   

  • If you are a patron of the UK or Australia, then you will get leverage of 1:30.
  • But if you live anywhere else in this world (except the USA), you will get 1:1200 leverage. 

Should You Go for Higher Leverage

Leverage is an immensely crucial part of a trader’s work. If you are a newcomer, you must have noticed that experienced and wise traders always go for higher leverage. So, it is your choice to whether go for higher leverage or lower. 

But if you ask us, we will always recommend you to use leverage wisely from lower to higher. In the beginning, leverage must be kept low, and you can increase it after some experience.  

No Services for USA (Conclusion)

Well, now, you have complete and basic knowledge about Trade Nation broker and especially about its leverage. So, your thoughts about the leverage of Trade Nation must be determined and firm. This will help you to get started with Trade Nation (If you haven’t).

But before doing anything, you must know about a quite big con of this broker: If you are a local of the USA, you can’t work with Trade Nation. Because this broker does not provide any service in that region of the world.  

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