Top Health Benefits of Swimming

If you already are a swimmer this is no news. Swimming is amazing for both your body and your mind. But if you are not much of a big fan, let me walk you through what amazing wizardry of nature you’re missing out on.

Exercising probably isn’t the cup of tea for a lot of people. But this form of exercise slash fun day at the pool can be beneficial beyond your expectations. Here are some of the amazing health benefits that this super exercise has.

It’s a total body workout

Yes, this is a full-body workout. Meaning it’s a calorie-burning party in your body when you swim. How so? The water is denser than the air. So, when you swim you actually pass this resistance and that needs energy. It improves your strength. This is almost like a lighter version of resistance training. Want those toned muscles? This is your chance.

After swimming you also increase your metabolism as it works the muscles throughout the day. Now that’s a real win if you’re into that synched waist trend. Moreover, you can go for Private Swimming Lessons in Singapore Condo – SwimJourney if you live in Singapore.

Cardiovascular Fitness

This allows you to engage your body like aerobics. It’s cardio but a low impact version. It gets your heart rate elevated. So, your heart gets the benefits as well. Those stubborn fats in the arteries will not be permanent if you swim regularly.

Want to keep that heart good for a longer time to love more? Swim! This basically free and can be considered an essential life skill. Don’t you think?

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Safe for the pregnant ladies

During pregnancy, it is a very delicate time to make decisions. But sitting around all day and doing nothing will do more harm than good for a pregnant lady. But intense workouts are a big no-no during that time. In comes swimming. This is one percent safe to swim during pregnancy. As it works out the whole body it will give light cardio like exercise and keep the baby and mommy happy both physically and mentally.

Some researches show that it is maybe effective against a common disease amongst newborn which is hypoxia-ischemia. As of now, there is no 100% credible source to prove such claims but the research shows very good potential.

Suitable for physically compromised people

There are people who suffer from very common diseases like asthma, MS (multiple sclerosis) who don’t really have many options for exercising. Well, good news swimming is safe for them too.

Even there are certain breathing exercises like holding your breath for a period of time that’s comfortable and this will broaden your lung capacity slowly but surely. Professional divers do this all the time.

Water supports the body while swimming so there is less to no chance of hurting yourself. In a study of 20 weeks with some MS patients, it was found that swimming reduced their condition and discomfort significantly.

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Uplift your mood

The best part? You don’t even feel those hot flashes because you’re already in the water. I’m not saying it’s really easy. What I’m saying the hard part is mostly off of your mind because it’s also very peaceful.

Any workout is rewarding in both physical and mental ways. After a good session of workout, you’ll feel powerful and strong. Ans all that toxin release from the body helps boost the mood.

No more insomnia

If you are suffering from insomnia and nothing seems to work? This might be your answer. In a study, it was found that after swimming people found it easier to fall asleep at night. Because it is cardio at the end of the day and your whole body gets tired after a good swim session, naturally you will fall sound asleep.

In the end, all I can say is swimming is amazing and don’t deprive yourself of those sweet benefits. Start swimming today!

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