Top 9: trendy personalized siriver necklace

Are you looking for a modern silver necklace in 2022?

Trendy personalized silver necklace are the best gift ideas for lovers. Discover our top ten most common silver curtains that fit all your needs!

What is a modern necklace?

Today, many designs of the same jewelry are becoming increasingly popular. Now, what makes women more attractive are jewelry according to their style, character and wardrobe.

By carefully making the jewelry according to the character of its owner, you will be sure to give him a special jewelry that looks like him. In 2021, there is nothing more fashionable than wearing a fancy necklace that can only be found in one copy worldwide!

Our selection of silver necklaces for women

A huge selection of necklaces in Wholesale Jewelry stores – online or in thrift stores – can quickly make you feel dizzy.

At atelier de famille, style, design and craftsmanship are our guide. We use only 925 silver of unparalleled finesse to give you a collection of silver jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Find below our top ten best silver curtains, to delight your sisters, friends, mothers and daughters.

1) the sterling silver semi-precious stones chain necklace

Be in love with the glitter of the gemstones of this elegant necklace made of shiny stones set on a sturdy silver chain. Amethyst, moonstone, labradorite, or even pink chalcedony adorns your neck with refinement and purity.

2) the sterling silver small leaves necklace

Simple and chic, this necklace has a set of small silver leaves that add to the original catchy look. Trendy and easy to wear, perfect as a gift for little girls.

3) the necklace 1 sterling silver charm on the jeweler-carved chain

Take advantage of the endless creative spells to create the necklace of your dreams. Make a heart pendant, clover or even in the form of a little girl, and have a front and back of the beauty written by the person. In addition, you also control the length of the cable.

4) the small dove medallion necklace on a sturdy silver chain

A symbol of peace and purity, a beautiful carved dove adorns the medallion of this 925 silver chain necklace. Have sweet messages written on the front / back of the candle, creating a piece of jewelry full of meaning.

5) the ellipse necklace 2 is a strong silver medal and a beautiful mother-of-pearl star.

It is made up of four independent pieces – 2 medallions, a beautiful mother-of-pearl star and string chain – this necklace can be placed on top of your outfit according to your mood. Medals and beautiful mother-of-pearl are eliminated, and so can be worn differently.

6) the domed cross necklace on the sterling silver forçat chain

Choose a high-quality religious style for this ornament with a cross on the string. This strong silver jewelry is a perfect gift to celebrate the first communion or baptism. In addition, a cross is possible, thanks to recto / verso engravings.

7) the “moon” neck on a strong silver chain

Representing femininity, emotion and circulation, this lunar pendant attracts all women. Blown with a high silver light, the jewelry can be carved before / after the month, expressing feelings or sending a love message.

8) the sterling silver grand papillon® necklace on chain

Don’t be afraid to be noticed by a large art deco-inspired butterfly. Chic and original, this jewelry welcomes the writing of your choice on a butterfly, in order to express and send your love.

9) the big star medal award necklace on the sterling silver chain

Talk to a star, thanks to this possible medal using a star text message. This registered mode will add a crazy touch to any outfit. It can be changed to make a first name necklace, or engraved with a special date, such as a birthday, to represent a symbolic time.

When is the time to give an individual silver necklace?

The selected necks are great gifts to give in most situations. Why not celebrate valentine’s day with a beautiful silver candle decorated with your valentine’s image? This is the ultimate love gift that will leave a lasting impression – this year, february 14th will not be forgotten anytime soon!

A special necklace can also be given during a special event, such as a supper, birthday or even a successful contest. The symbolic gift is always a pleasure to receive.

Mother and grandma’s day is also a good time to give this kind of jewelry. Receiving a beautiful silver jewelry from your children or grandchildren is always touching.

18-carat gold, gold-plated, solid silver or leather items are in addition. Find a unique selection of curtains and bracelets designed by atelier de famille, to help you create possible jewelry that will delight those around you!

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