TOP 8 Football Betting Tips

Today we will have a look at the top football betting tips. Undoubtedly, it is not something simple, but from here, we will show you methods that may be useful.

Here we go!

Define a bet amount and respect it

Define a bet amount and respect it! What does this mean? Very simple, you must define how much money you will use to place your bets. It’s very important to be attentive to discipline: if you win well, you can use that profit for other options. If you lose, you have to wait for a rematch but not immediately. This way, you will learn to regulate your game, something decisive to always come out as a winner.

Be Selective

The second football betting tip is to be selective and not bet on everything. It is also part of the discipline as if you want to earn money, specialize in one or two leagues and study them in depth. Betting money on different leagues and tournaments you don’t know about is practically throwing away your money.

Absolutely Favorite

Don’t risk your money by betting on obvious winners. This is football, and anything can happen. Therefore, it is often better not to risk money on odds that do not exceed 1.20. It is usually seen in Barcelona and Real Madrid matches when they do it at home, for example. Although victory is “guaranteed,” there is always a bomb that can end the plans.

Trusted Tipster

On the internet, you will find people dedicated to analyzing the league or leagues you choose to bet on. Actually, you can find some real professionals in their job, who are high-level tipsters and have stood out for the quality and effectiveness of their respective analyses, do not hesitate to consult them as specialists.

Record Your Bets

Although the history of your bets appears on the online sports betting site you use to place your bets, make a personal one to have it more reach and refer to it when necessary.

Avoid Betting Live on Your Bet

Another important tip is to avoid betting live on the match that you have already placed a bet on before. It usually happens that one bets something in the previous match, for example, that Barcelona will beat Valencia. Let’s suppose that they go 0-0 at 75,’ and you believe that they will still win and you bet live that this will happen… What if they expel a Barça player?

Desire vs. Reality

Be honest with yourself and define if your forecast has some desire. Then, separate the heart and let the mind take over.


Last but not least, the quota and your confidence in a specific team or player will allow you to recognize how much to bet. It is not the same to bet on a 2.10 as on a 1.30.

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