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Top 6 kitchen Countertop Colors: Granite Countertop Suppliers

There are several materials and designs in kitchen countertops. It depends on the variation and your taste in home décor. However, this post will focus on the colors rather than the material. Whether it is granite, quartz, or marble, they come in various colors and veining patterns. You can get any color and design from granite countertop suppliers. They offer a wide range of kitchen countertops.

In addition, you have got diversity in this area. From plain white to dark tones, you Best Black Granite Supplier can get your hands on any countertop color. Similarly, neutral shades are still in demand for an elegant look. Also, people are experimenting with bold designs and colors. But again, you should choose the one that suits your kitchen theme.

The kitchen countertop color affects the mood of your place. So, here is the list of some top modern countertop colors that you would love to explore:

  1. White with soft veining
  2. Pure white
  3. Wooden island touch
  4. Neutral gray
  5. Dark tones
  6. Bold colors
  1. White with soft veining:

It is the most popular color amongst all others. The white countertop with a soft veining pattern looks great in any kitchen. Similarly, it has a warm feel about it. The white base with a grainy design Granite Countertops looks stunning in a modern kitchen setup. You get this white beauty from granite countertop suppliers. They offer quality counters with a perfect range of colors.

Both quartz and granite have this tone in beige color. Also, it can enhance the look of your home with a graceful touch. Also, these tones are highly practical. In this way, they have a clean outlook. In addition, a white base can have soft pink, light blue, and orange patterns on it. These countertops are best for small size kitchens.

  1. Pure white:

For a perfect modern kitchen, a pure white top surface is the best choice. Nothing can beat the clean look of this color. Also, a plain white surface looks stunning with dark kitchen cabinets.  An experienced and knowledgeable professional will help you choose the perfect cabinet setup that complements your counter style, whether you are seeking low-profile contemporary cabinetry to show off your modern slab or tall, shaker-style cabinets that give rustic countertops a timeless appeal. Your knowledgeable partner in kitchen cabinets in Cedar Park will make sure to find the perfect combination for your kitchen. Similarly, this color is ideal for an all-white kitchen. It illuminates your kitchen space.

In addition, a white counter with blue cabinets is a classy duo these days. You can achieve a perfect modern kitchen with this white tone. Many people love to have this white beauty in their homes.

  1. Wooden island touch:

Well, a wooden countertop has a rich texture. But, to get this look, you can use a rustic tone for countertops. If you want to have a rustic theme, go for a wooden countertop. However, you can get the wooden touch by having a brown granite countertop. Also, it is best for a transitional kitchen. If you have dark wooden cabinets, this counter will complement your place. In addition, you can use light wood for a cottage look.

  1. Neutral gray:

There is no doubt that a gray countertop can lift the aura of your kitchen. This neutral base has a warm feel to it. Soft gray tones give a natural look to your home. In these neutral tones, granite countertop suppliers have a great deal to offer. Also, the gray has other mid-tones too. Similarly, it compliments any set of cabinets.

Moreover, gray countertops come in both a plain and a shiny finish. A soft gray base with a blue veining pattern looks stunning with white kitchen cabinets. So, you can never go wrong with a neutral gray countertop.

  1. Dark tones:

As much as people prefer light countertops, dark ones have their fan base. Dark colors give a striking look to your place. In this case, black kitchen themes are also in demand. Also, black and white-toned kitchens are new in home décor.

If you have dark cabinets, go for rich black countertops. Also, a black top will look great with colorful cabinets. Similarly, a charcoal grey counter is one of the best choices you have. This color is perfect for a dark palate. It gives a cozy atmosphere to the kitchen.

Dark color countertops work well with dark cabinets. However, you can also pair them with neutral or light countertops. The contrast is perfect for a modern theme. And it works for open kitchens too.

  1. Bold colors:

Well, there are no such bold kitchen countertops. The bold veining pattern gives them a bold look. A light base with dark and big patterns can lift the look of your kitchen. It is what makes them bold and contrasting. So, a deep blue sea counter can be the best addition to your kitchen. Granite with pink vein patterns is available in deep red hues. It is the boldest of all.

Moreover, there are tropical greens, dynamic blues, and ruby quartz to create a bold look for the kitchen. You can be one of those few who bring a noticeable change in their homes.


You have got various options for kitchen countertop colors. Granite countertop suppliers provide quality counters in many tones and veining patterns. From soft white to pure white, a wide range is out there. Also, neutral grays are not leaving the trends any sooner. In the dark ones, you have rich black and charcoal gray. All of these shades have a specific mood about them. So, transform your kitchen today with the perfect range of colors.

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