Top 5 WhatsApp API & Shared Inbox Providers in India – 2024 Edition

In the fast-paced digital landscape of India, finding the right WhatsApp API solution provider is key for businesses aiming to optimize customer communication. This minute guide highlights the 5 best WhatsApp API provider in India, each offering unique advantages for seamless customer engagement and efficient team collaboration. From advanced API features to intuitive WhatsApp chatbots, these solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of Indian businesses, ensuring personalized and timely interactions with customers. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a large organization, this overview will help you navigate the options and select the best WhatsApp Business API provider to enhance your WhatsApp communication strategy.


DoubleTick is a mobile-first WhatsApp CRM and marketing platform specifically designed to empower sales team to sale more in less time. This platform boasts a suite of advanced WhatsApp API functionalities, including a cloud-based team inbox with role based access controls, comprehensive messaging capabilities, deep analytics on broadcasts and team productivity, no-code chatbot, and extensive integration capabilities with third-party applications.


  • Highly intuitive and mobile-optimized for ease of use.
  • Send unlimited WhatsApp messages to both saved and unsaved contacts.
  • Automated marketing campaigns.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools for monitoring campaign performance and optimizing strategies.
  • Cloud-based team inbox with role bases access.
  • Fully automated catalogue sharing and order processing.
  • AI-driven WhatsApp chatbots for enhanced customer interaction.
  • Seamless integration with leading tools such as Shopify, Zapier, Google Sheets, and WooCommerce for enhanced functionality.
  • Spam blocking and number masking for secure and quality communications.
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support via multiple channels.


  • Absence of a free trial option

2. presents a robust WhatsApp Business API solution for businesses aiming to expand their WhatsApp visibility. This platform integrates automation, analytics, and security features, allowing for a comprehensive omnichannel experience to boost customer support and sales effectiveness.


  • A user-friendly, no-code platform for seamless WhatsApp Business API deployment.
  • Innovative no-code chatbot builder and an intuitive drag & drop editor for query automation.
  • Extensive multimedia messaging capabilities for engaging customer interactions.
  • Continuous support and a free trial offering.


  • Lack of WhatsApp broadcasting functionality.
  • Higher pricing in comparison to similar market offerings.
  • Suboptimal analytics and campaign management features.

3. Kaleyra 

Kaleyra emerges as a key player in conversational commerce, offering a broad spectrum of communication technology solutions, including WhatsApp Business APIs. It is designed to enhance the conversational experience through chatbots, interactive messaging, media sharing, and customizable message templates.


  • Tailorable product features to meet specific business needs.
  • Support for a diverse range of multimedia communications.
  • Real-time customer updates through advanced chatbots.


  • No trial availability.
  • Restricted customer support channels.
  • Relative lack of sophistication in chatbot technology and additional message markup fees.

4. Clickatell 

Clickatell provides a comprehensive messaging platform including WhatsApp API, SMS, and email. The platform comes with some robust WhatsApp API features designed to boost your customer communication. 


  • Multi-channel messaging capabilities for diversified customer outreach.
  • Straightforward integration with a variety of platforms and applications.
  • Customizable chatbots for personalized customer interactions.
  • Detailed analytics for insightful performance monitoring.


  • Potential unsuitability for large businesses with intricate requirements.
  • Limited customization and automation feature set.

5. Sendinblue 

Sendinblue stands out as a reputable WhatsApp Business API provider, offering an integrated marketing platform with extensive automation, multi-channel messaging, and advanced reporting capabilities.


  • Comprehensive marketing platform with broad automation features.
  • Support for multi-channel messaging strategies.
  • Advanced reporting tools for detailed insights.


  • Restricted WhatsApp-specific functionalities.
  • No free trial offering.

Wrapping Up!

Choosing the right WhatsApp API and shared inbox provider is crucial for businesses in India aiming to streamline communication and enhance customer engagement. Our guide highlights the top providers, offering insights to help you select a solution that best fits your business needs and communication goals.

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